Why kids should read books?

If we try to define books in the most simplest terms, books are stories in written format and we all love stories. We like to know new things and stories serve that purpose. Books not only provide useful information, but they are also a great source of entertainment and it keeps them away from the screens that damage their eyes.

Reading books has a lot of benefits for kids,

  • It boosts their literary skills.
  • Reading books also aids in Cognitive Development.
  • Books are responsible for boosting creativity in young children.


What are the different genres of children’s books?

There are a lot of genres and subgenres in which books are written. In this article, we will look at the 10 most popular genre of children’s books & a few great books that you should buy.

1. Picture books

These books have big, vibrant pictures to catch the kids’ attention. These books basically combine both pictures and text to tell a story. The text in such books may be really less as the main focus is on pictures in such books. 

Picture books are the best start for reading to infants and even to kids who are slow learners. Here are the best picture books that every child must read:

1. The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carll (Ages 1-3)

The Very Hungry Catterpillar

It’s a story about the life cycle of a caterpillar. First, he starts eating various fruits and vegetables until he becomes really big and fat. After that, he builds a cocoon around himself and soon breaks out of the cocoon as a beautiful butterfly. This book is really great for kids aged 0-2 years. 

2. Where is My belly button by Karen Katz (Ages 1-3)

Where is Baby's bellybutton

This book is very famous among most parents. It teaches your child about their body parts in the most fun way possible. This book has some really cute and vibrant pictures that will definitely get your baby hooked on this book. 

3. Moo, Baa, La La La! by Sandra Boynton (Ages 1-3)

Moo, Baa, La La La!

Moo, Baa, La La La!

You will never come across a book that is more stupid yet funny than this. Moo, Baa, La La La is a book about famous farm animals and the sounds that they make. While reading this book to your kid make sure you try your best to imitate the sounds. 

4. The Jungle Book (First stories) (Ages 2-3)

Jungle Book

The classic jungle book in a very vibrant representation. Jungle’s book should be the book that everyone has in their bookshelf. It teaches us about the friendship between humans and animals. 

2. Poetry & Rhymes

Most children’s books and pictures book authors use this genre. Poetry or Verse allows the author to convey the same story, with the same impact, in a shorter version. Kids love hearing sounds that rhyme. You might notice this when start speaking, they will start blabbering random words, but they will all sound similar. 

These are the few great poetry books we found:

5. The Magic Paintbrush (Ages 3-5)

The magic paintbrush is a story about a little Chinese girl named Shen. She loves to draw and she is a very helpful girl. One day when drawing in the sand, a man handed her a magical paintbrush. This story takes some amazing turn after this. The book is very well illustrated and has a very catchy rhyme scheme. Kids will love to read the book. 

6. The Snail and the Whale (Ages 3+)

This is a really amazing book. It’s a story about the friendship between a snail & a whale. The snail wants to see the whole world and the whale helps her. This book has a great message about friendship and it is beautifully written. If you are reading it to your child, don’t forget to use voice modulation.

7. Monkey Puzzle (Ages 3-5)

The monkey puzzle is a great rhyme book. It has big beautiful pictures and rhymes that will keep your kid hooked on to your voice. Monkey has lost his mom and a butterfly helps him look for her. They roam around the forest as the butterfly shows him different animals. This book is really great as it teaches children about animals and their body parts. It also teaches them about love, compassion, and friendship. 

8. The Cat in the Hat (Ages 4+)

This Dr. Seuss book is full of mischief. One day, a little boy and a girl have nothing to do at home. They can’t go outside to play because it is raining very heavily. Suddenly the cat in the box shows up and all the mischief unfolds.


3. Fantasy

This genre is the most popular and probably the genre which has most books. Fantasy is such a genre which has no boundaries. These are ideas or stories that cannot happen in real life. It will have characters, places, planets, or even galaxies that do not exist in the real world. This is the most creative genre among all. Hence, a lot of these genres will have fantasy as their second genre. Mostly all the books based on fairy tail, monsters, ghosts are fantasy-based books. Let us have a look at the best ones for kids: 

9. Harry Potter series (Age 7+)

The most popular book series on this planet is undoubtedly the Harry Potter series. J.K. Rowling has done an amazing job with these books. They create mystery, suspense, comedy, thrill among the readers. Once you start reading these books, you just cannot stop. There are seven books in this series, each set during a different time in Harry’s life. The first book is Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone (https://www.amazon.in/Harry-Potter-Philosophers-Stone-Rowling/dp/1408855658/). Now you might think why should I read the book when I can show my the cartoon or movie. Well, creative parents raise creative children, you know what you have to do. You can get the full set here – Harry Potter Book Set.

10. Alice in Wonderland (Age 6+)

Another classic fantasy tale, Alice in Wonderland in one such book that every kid loves. You cannot be a kid and not like Alice in Wonderland, it’s the best. While reading this book I can guarantee that your child will imagine themselves as Alice or they might even imagine themselves in wonderland. This is a really great book that engages a child’s mind. You can check out this book on Amazon.

11. The Chronicles of Narnia (Ages 7+)

Peter, Susan, Edmund & Lucy are four siblings living with professor kirk in the countryside during the world war 2. One day while playing hide seek around the house, Lucy stumbles upon an old wardrobe which she hides in. This wardrobe turns out to be the doorway to the magical land of Narnia. The siblings later joined her and they go to a lot of different adventures. You can get the whole set of Narnia of Amazon here – The Chronicles of Narnia.

12. Geronimo stilton (Ages 6+)

Geronimo Stilton is probably the most famous mouse on mouse island. He is the editor in chief of the Rodent’s Gazette. He goes on a lot of really exciting adventures that even your kids will love. These books are very colorful and have beautiful illustrations. These books have creativity flowing on every page. Geronimo Stilton is a must-have for all beginner readers. Check Geronimo Stilton’s books on Amazon. 

13. The Magic of the Lost temple (Ages 7+)

Sudha Murthy in this book takes us back to our childhood. It is a story about an 8-year-old city girl named Nooni. During her summer holidays, she visits her grandparents’ house in Northern Karnataka. At first, she is amazed by how different daily life is in the villages. She soon adapts and starts to enjoy it. This book has everything that children love. It has friendship, magic, loving grandparents, village folklore, adventure. I am very sure that, if you don’t visit your native place often, this book will literally transport you and your kid to the village. You can get this book on amazon – The Magic of the lost temple.

14. Princess Fairy tales (Ages 6+)

Everyone loves Disney stories and Princess, kids and adults alike. These fairytales are probably what most kids look for during bedtime. Some of these tales are based on folklore some of these are completely new. You can get the whole set on Amazon here – Princess Fairy Tales.


4. Sci-fiction

Stories in this genre are generally set in the future. The stories generally revolve around the use of science and technology. You can already see the connection between Sci-fiction and fantasy, right? 

Science fiction stories are generally more popular among kids in the age group 10-16 years. Here are some science fiction books that you must have:

15. A wrinkle in time (Age 8+)

This is a really great Sci-fi adventure story and your kids will just fall in love with it. A wrinkle in time is a story about a girl named Meg Murry who is transported to another place through space and time. She is not alone though, her brother Charles and her childhood friend Calvin are also transported with her. They are in a mysterious place trying to find her father, Mr. Murry. Just buy this book and you’ll be hypnotized by it. Buy it on Amazon here – A Wrinkle in Time.

16. Boy & bot (Age 4+)

This story revolves around a boy and a robot that he meets while playing one day. They shortly become very good friends. They face some obstacles but they both try to tackle them in their own way. This is a really great book that teaches children compassion and friendship. Check out Boy & Bot on Amazon.

17. Star Wars Jedi Academy (Age 8+)

Ronan the protagonist, wishes to become a pilot just like his father, grandfather and his brother. But he fails to get into pilot school, instead, he is invited into Jedi academy. He starts Jedi school reluctantly bit soon starts enjoying it. Your kids might relate to this, if not they will still enjoy it a lot. Get this book off Amazon – Star Wars Jedi Academy.

18. The Last Kids on Earth (Age 8+)

The story is set in the post-apocalyptic era, where Jack, our protagonist finds that he is one of the few middle schoolers who have survived. He lives in a treehouse and loot nearby stores for supplies kicking some zombie butt. This book is for those kids who are really fussy when it comes to reading. They won’t be satisfied until they finish the whole book. You can get The Last Kids on Earth in the Amazon book store. 

19. Zita the Spacegirl (Age 8+)

One thing that you should know is that NEVER GO NEAR A FALLEN METEOR. But our Zita, the protagonist is an adventurous girl. She starts fiddling with the meteor, as a result, Zita and her friend are transported to a planet where they shouldn’t be. On this planet, her best friend is kidnapped by a cult of aliens. Now it is upto Zita to save him. This book has become a favorite among a lot of kids these days. It has colorful illustrations and a fast-paced adventure story, the perfect formula for a children’s book. Check out Zita the Spacegirl on Amazon. 


5. Realistic-fiction

Realistic fiction consists of stories that have a very high chance of happening in the real world. These stories will be based on situations or places that most children are familiar with. For example stories on a family picnic, stories about school, stories about friends, etc. 

20. Malgudi Days (Age 7+)

An Indian classic by the legendary author R.K. Narayan. Malgudi Days is a series of short stories based in the fictional town of Malgudi. Each story informs the reader about the different factions of their life in Malgudi. This book has really fun stories and they work best as bedtime tales. You can check it out on Amazon here –  Malgudi Days.

21. Grandma’s bag of stories (Age 6+)

Anand, Krishna, Raghu, and Meena are visiting their grandparents’ house in shiggaon. Their overexcited grandparents have decorated the whole house, made all the sweet and savory dishes their grandchildren love. After eating they all spend some time and grandma opens her bag of stories. She tells stories about magic, animals, kings & queens, stories of morals, etc. This book has some really great stories along with some amazing illustrations. This book is a must-have, get this on Amazon here – Grandma’s bag of stories

22. The diary of a Wimpy kid (Age 8+)

This book does not need any introduction. Everyone knows what the diary of a wimpy kid is all about. Get this book on amazon and join Greg Heffley in his middle school journey. 

23. Wonder (Age 9+)

Auggie Pullman or August Pullman is a 10-year-old boy living in New York. Unfortunately, he is born with a facial deformity, which makes it difficult for him to make friends. Auggie is now joining a public school, this story is about how he adapts to his surroundings and overcomes all the obstacles. This book will teach your kids the meaning of friendship and compassion. This book is a must-have, check it out on Amazon – Wonder.

24. A Pocketful of Princess Posey (Age 6+)

She is the best friend of every first-grade girl. Posey is just a normal first-grade girl, but when she puts on her tutu, she becomes Princess Posey who can do anything. This a great set of books for early readers. This set contains the first 3 books. You can get it on amazon here – A Pocketful of Princess Posey. 

25. Because of Winn-dixie (Age 7+)

This story proves the saying that a dog is man’s best friend. Opal a small girl, whose mother leaves her with her preacher father. They move to a new place where she starts missing her friends and her old home. Winn-Dixie a stray dog that Opal becomes friends with and their journey together starts. Because of Winn-Dixie is a really engaging and captivating book that every child should read. Get your book on Amazon here – Because of Winn-dixie. 


6. Biography

These are literally life stories of a person. The parts of these stories might seem glorified, but the main aim of such stories is to spread their message, teachings, or thoughts to the masses. A few biographies are based on the mistakes of the protagonist, the aim of such stories is to make people aware that they shouldn’t make the same ones. 

26. The Who was & Who is Series (Age 7+)

This series of books informs the young mind of the legendary personalities that belong to this planet. It has short stories and big illustrations that every kid will love. These are biographies of people like Abraham Lincoln, Albert Einstein, Emilia Clark, etc. You can check these out on Amazon.

27. Snowflake Bentley (Age 7+)

Did you guys know, no 2 snowflakes are the same? Wilson Bentley aka Snowflake Bentley had decided since childhood that he is going to show the world how wonderful snowflakes really are. This book teaches children never to give up on their dreams. You can give this book a quick glance at Amazon – Snowflake Bentley.

28. The Boy who loved math (Age 7+)

Imagine a mathematician? You guys imagined a geeky person who probably spends most of his time in the library or a place where he/she can be left alone. Well, this story is about Paul Erdos who was completely opposite of our stereotypical definition like the one above. Paul loved to spend most of his time outside, but he had a love for mathematics. He was so good at it, that he could tell the number of seconds you have spent on this earth just from your birth date. This book will help building some passion for maths in your kids. The boy who loved math is available on Amazon. 


7. Historical fiction

Historical fiction can be explained as the genre which takes the reader back in time. These stories or movies might or might not be true. These are based on a lot of historical facts but most of the times the authors use their own creativity to bring in new elements to the story. 

For example, stories that are based on world war. We all know what happened, everyone knows the facts. Stories set during world war will combine true events with some fantasy and create a whole new story. It is best that you introduce your children to this genre after they turn 8. Here are some of the best historical fiction books:

29. I survived series (Age 8+)

This series combines the histories most horrifying events with some fantasy so that our young readers can relate to these. These stories are fast-paced and have a 10-13 yrs child as the protagonist. These showcase their bravery and presence of mind. Check this series on Amazon – I Survived Series by Lauren Tarshis.

30. Ahimsa (Age 6+)

A book based during the year 1942, when the freedom struggles were in full force in India. Anjali a 10-year-old girl gets dragged into this mess unwillingly as her mother joins the freedom struggle. She has to go through a lot of internal struggles as well as support the moment which her mother is working for. This book will teach the children about the teaching of Mahatma Gandhi, and the struggle that the people were facing. You can get this amazing book written by Supriya Kelkar on Amazon –Ahimsa.

31. The Trojan Horse (Age 6+)

This is a colourful illustration on the story of Trojan Horse and how Greeks won the war. This book can turn out to be a really great history lesson for your kids. 

32. The Boy in Striped Pajamas (Age 8+)

This book is set during the Nazi Germany period. During World War II, 8-year-old Bruno and his family leave Berlin to take up residence near the concentration camp where his father has just become commandant. Unhappy and lonely, he wanders out behind his house one day and finds Shmuel, a Jewish boy of his age. Though the barbed-wire fence of the camp separates them, the boys begin a forbidden friendship, oblivious to the real nature of their surroundings. A really great book to teach them about the horrors of Hitler. You can get this book on Amazon.

33. Around the world in 80 Days (Age 6+)

Well, another book that does not any introduction. This is probably the most famous book of all times. This book takes you on an ambitious journey of Phileas Fogg where he plans to travel the whole world in just 80 days. You can get a really well-illustrated version of this book on Amazon.


8. Informative

This genre of books is gradually dying out thanks to the internet. Informative books are 100% based on facts. They provide information about all sorts of things, from animals, goods of daily use to solar planets and the formation of the earth. 

These books are also called as encyclopedias. 

34. Look Inside How Things work (Age 7+)

We the whole concept of the book is given away in its name. This book teaches children about the marvels we humans have created. It teaches them how the technology around us. If you are worried that it’s gonna be a big engineering manual, it’s not. The way things work is children’s books which only provides information they will understand. The biggest plus about this book is that it provides a link to various websites if the kids are interested in learning more. You can get this book off Amazon – Look Inside How Things Work.

35. What a Waste (Age 6+)

This book could not come at a better time. We all know how bad we have destroyed the environment. What a waste will teach children everything they need to know about how to live a sustainable life, how to control the waste, how to recycle the waste, etc. You can get this amazing book on Amazon – What a Waste. 

36. No difference between us (Age 6+)

A great book that teaches children about gender equality. It encourages equality and respect for each other since the early ages. This book also has various colourful illustrations that help in keeping the kids engaged. Check out this amazing book on Amazon.

37. Encyclopedia (Age 8+)


Well now do I need to explain to you all what an encyclopedia is? Here is a great one though on Amazon – Knowledge Encyclopedia.


9. Mystery

Books that have a mystery story are the ones that keep the reader hooked on to the book. Kids love such books. A lot of kids prefer mystery & comic books over the genres. Well, it’s only natural, we humans are curious creatures and we hate being left on cliff hangers. 

An excellent example of mystery books for kids is scooby doo or detective Conan.

38. Nate the great series (Age 6+)

Nate is the world’s greatest detective who loves pancakes a lot. One day his friend Annie asks him to find her missing painting. They go around their neighbourhood looking for clues and asking people. You know, doing the detective work. This is a great book for children who have just started reading books as there is a whole series of such small stories. Check out them out on Amazon – Nate the great series.

39. The Famous Five Series (Age 7+)

The most loved mystery series of all time. Famous Five is a book that literally has been passed down since generations. This series has 21 amazing books about the adventures of 4 siblings and their dog. You can get the whole set on amazon – The Famous Five Series.

40. 39 Clues series (Age 10+)

I personally love this series a lot. It is so good that you’ll even forget to eat or drink your regular amount of water. I used to skip sleep while reading these books. The Maze Of Bones is the first book in this series, this is where all the adventure starts. 39 Clues is available on Amazon, you can get the first book here – The Maze Of Bones.

41. A-Z mystery Series (Age 8+)

Series of books that cover short adventure mysteries around the world. These books can get your fuzzy readers to start loving books. A-Z mystery Series is very simple to understand and has a wonderful storyline. For starters, you can check out the A-Z Mysteries: The Absent Author.

42. Nancy Drew (Age 12+)

Teenage girl who goes around solving mysteries. This sounds like a repeated plot, right? Well, it may be because all the other stories must have taken inspiration from Nancy Drew. This book is a bit catered towards the teens, so it’s best to introduce your kids to Nancy Drew are 13 years old or more. You can get the full set of Nancy Drew of Amazon – Nancy Drew Set.


10. Folklore

These are the tails of wisdom that have been passed down for generations. They have no specific author for different stories. These stories are aimed at giving kids a moral lesson or teach them good social values through stories. These may be mythological tales or just stories that have been made generations ago. These stories need no introduction, You heard it from your parents, I’ve heard it from my parents, and your kids will hear it from you. The only plus point about these books now is the beautiful illustrations they have. If the story doesn’t get your kids captivated these pictures surely will. You can get these books on Amazon.


43. Ramayana for Children (Age 6+)

44. Mahabharata for Children (Age 6+)

45. Amar Chitra Katha (Age 6+)


46. Panchatantra (Age 6+)


47. Tenali Raman (Age 6+)

If you don’t know who Tenali Raman was then you definitely had a boring childhood. Tenali Raman was a poet, scholar, thinker and a special advisor in the court of Krishnadevaraya. The tales of his wit are literally famous across the world. These Comics are a really great way for kids to learn moral values. You can Tenali Raman comics on Amazon.


11. Comics

Comics are a visual representation of the story and its characters so that it is more appealing and engaging to the readers. Comic books are also called graphic novels as they tell the whole story with the help of pictures and text. 

These are not to be confused with picture books as both are similar yet different. Some examples of comics are Archie, Tin Tin, Batman, etc. 

48. Archie (Age 12+)

Archie is a small-town teenager who has a crush on Veronica and Betty Cooper. This creates a complicated triangle of friendship. Their daily encounters are most of the time hilarious but also depict the everyday life of a teenager. Check out Archie Comics on Amazon.

49. The Adventures of TinTin (Age 8+)

A boy who has a normal life but also falls into some weird situations and saves the day with his dog. Isn’t this like the best plot ever? Yeah, Tin Tin is an amazing comic book that kids love. It is funny, it has adventure, it has mystery, it has everything. If you are a 90s kid you know how amazing Tin Tin is. You can get The Adventures Of TinTin on amazon 

50. Marvel comics (Ages 10+)

Now I seriously don’t think these comics need any kind of introduction. This literally the biggest movie franchise right now, but their origins are small. Show your kids how you learned about superheroes. Check out Marvel Comic books on Amazon.

51. DC Comics (Ages 10+)

DC Comic BookComic book

DC are the OGs of the comic book generation. Justice League, Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman all these characters and their comics are still fresh in almost every 90s person. Though they are not performing well in the movies, comic books are where they rule. You can get DC comics on Amazon – DC Comics  ()

52. Princess Ugg (Ages 7+)

Princess ugg book

This is a story about a barbaric princess named Ulga. She has enrolled herself into a princess school at the request of her late mother. But she realizes that she is far behind their curriculum. She also goes on a lot of adventures around her school and saves the day a bunch of times. This book is very nice for young readers as they might relate to Ulga in some or the other way. Check out Princess Ugg on Amazon()

53. Tinkle (Ages 7+)

Tinkle books

Another classic Indian Comic book series. I am 100% sure you guys are familiar with Supandi, Shikari Shambhu, Kalia the Crow. These characters have made us laugh and chuckle even when we didn’t want to. Supandi is my favorite character, to be honest. These Tinkle comics are now available on Amazon. Go ahead, let your children laugh like you did. 

54. Herobear and the kid (Ages 8+)

HeroBear Comic book

When his grandfather passed away, Tyler a 10-year-old buy inherited an old teddy bear and a broken pocket watch. Tyler doesn’t know the secret of the thing he has inherited yet. The teddy bear he gets, it actually a magic bear who helps tyler in solving his life’s problems. You can get Herobear and the kid of amazon but it is quite expensive, I’d suggest looking for other alternatives. (https://www.amazon.in/Herobear-Kid-Vol-Inheritance/dp/1608863662)

55. Captain Underpants (Ages 8+)

Captain Underpants books

George and Harold are best friends who love pranking their classmates and the people around them. They also have their own comic book series called Captain Underpants. One day they pull off a prank which has a lot of consequences and their principal Mr. Krupp punishes them. To get out of this punishment they try hypnotizing their principle, after that, all hell breaks through. Get this book on Amazon and know what happens next – Captain Underpants 


How make your kids love reading books?

This question is floating around the internet for a long time now and the answer is very simple and straightforward. Introduce your kids to books as early as possible. Some pediatricians say that you can start reading to your child as early as 6 months old. Of course, they won’t understand, but they will be captivated by your voice.

When you read to them, you babies and the opportunity to interact with the books. Once they start growing, they will start understanding pictures,  this is when you introduce them to picture books. You have to make sure that reading becomes a part of their daily routine. As they start growing and understanding things better, start introducing them to the different genres mentioned above. We have already given you the best books to start with. 

After introducing them to different genres make sure that you understand what they like and give more such books. Once they reach 12-13 they’ll decide the books they want to read. 

Also if your child doesn’t want to read even after all these efforts, let them be, they might like something else entirely. 



You should read books because:

  • They boost literary skills.
  • Reading books also aids in Cognitive Development.
  • Books are responsible for boosting creativity in young children.
  • And most importantly, books are fun. 

In this article, we have seen 11 genres & 55 must-read books for children. We have also covered how to get children to love books. 

I hope y’all find this article extremely useful. If we have missed out on any great books feel free to mention them in the comments section below.