Hey There! Thanks for stopping by and its my pleasure to introduce myself to you.

Before that, let me ask you some quick questions:

  1. Have you ever gone on the internet with a question and felt that there is TOO much of information out there?
  2. Does reading so many different sites and pages make it more confusing and tiresome?
  3. Is it taking a lot of your time?

If YES! is your answer for each, then you have arrived at the right place.

Like you, I would get lost each time I went online to search for an answer. So many sites, blogs, forums to go through before making the decision. That’s when I thought, why not write articles by researching and collating from various domain experts and bring it together in one place, in short, so as to help every other person with similar queries.

That’s how JollyGood.life happened. The main aim is to help live a Jolly Good Life! To do this, I bring in answers to all the kind of questions you may have!

My target audience is “EVERY MOTHER” looking to better her and her family’s life! For everything she is looking for, be it for her home, her kids, her husband – her entire world!

I not only do my individual research to put forth very crisp and clear answers, but I also speak to domain experts and get their views directly which I share here too. No article on this site is promotional or paid article. They are personally curated by me after spending hours on its research.

If you want yo connect with me, you can email me at contact@jollygood.life

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