Author: Pranav G

14 World Sports you can bring indoor for your kids

aying a game or a sport is a very rewarding activity for every human being. Sports keeps you fit and entertained at the same time. Games and sports are designed to develop our minds and bodies. For example, chess completely focuses on a person’s ability to think, analyse, and act on a situation. Everyone loves playing outside. It is amazing. There are some times when we cannot enjoy our favorite sport outside. For example, when we are travelling, there is excessive rain or heat, we have guests at our place, or because of any other reason you are stuck at home.

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Best Alexa Skills you MUST KNOW

Back in 2014, Amazon introduced its line of smart speakers known as the Amazon Echo. “ALEXA” is the voice AI assistant of these speakers. Most of us have only used Alexa to play music or get the news update or know what the time is in a different country. 

But did you know that this smart home speaker is capable of things much more than that? Amazon calls these functions “skills”. Alexa is capable of over 10,000 skills right now. 

Let us look at the must have skills that will help you and your family.

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Simple Ideas to Boost Creativity in Children

Millennials are probably the most criticized generation for their different choices in life. This has made us stand out as the most creative generation of all times according to various studies. You might be thinking everyday that your child watches too much YouTube or spends a lot of time playing mobile games, but who’s fault is it? Its our fault. They say it only takes 21 days to make something into a habit. Read below and learn how you can help yourself and your child making creativity your habit.

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