Fitness should be our way of life. Having a healthy lifestyle is very important for every one of us. Setting a goal is the first step towards starting a fit & healthy life. These goals can differ from person to person. It may be tracking their food intake or getting a good night’s sleep. These smaller steps are forgotten after a few days if we don’t keep a track or don’t see the difference in our bodies. This is where fitness bands start playing their part in our fitness journey.

Let us look at some features that fitness bands offer.

What are the features that Fitness bands offers


Fitness band step tracker

Step tracker

Tracking our steps and movements is the main function of these fitness trackers. They calculate our steps based on movements with sensors called accelerometers present in them. This feature is available in pretty much every fitness band, smartwatch, mobile apps, etc.


Fitness band sleep tracker

Sleep tracker

Sleep tracking is an amazing feature that all the fitness band manufacturers boast about. These fitness bands monitor your movements when you are lying down to form conclusions based on pre-installed algorithms. These bands will show you what kind of sleep you had i.e. a light sleep, deep sleep, etc. However, sleep tracking in most of these bands is not completely accurate. Well, you cannot expect a few sensors to track exactly how you slept, can you?

Heart rate monitor of fitness bands

Heart rate monitor

A new and very good feature added to these fitness bands is the heart rate monitor. These can detect your pulse and determine your heart rate. It can measure your heart rate while exercising or even while sitting idle. They then send this data to the dedicated app provided by the manufacturer where you can get further details about the same. 


Mobile Notifications from fitness bands

Mobile Notifications

Since these fitness trackers are synced with your mobile phones with dedicated apps, you receive notifications from WhatsApp, normal messages, and Call notifications only if your phone is near to you. This feature is really helpful when you are traveling in the train or exercising, you don’t have to take out your phone every time.

Fitness band calorie tracker


Calorie Tracker

With the help of heart rate monitors, fitness bands calculate the amount of calories burned by you for any set of exercises. Since most of us will wear it 24/7 it will track our heart rate and calories burnt for the whole day. Some apps allow us to add in the amount of calories we consume. 


How these Fitness Bands will help you


The main goal of fitness bands is to keep track of your daily activities. Watching your progress in numbers motivates you to take more effort towards your goals. These fitness bands have now come a long way from just being a step counter. The dedicated apps and the fitness bands combined have now become a diary of your fitness goals. Now the newer fitness bands provide a third-party compatibility, so you can get notifications of your WhatsApp messages on your fitness band. 

These numbers give us a psychological boost, or we can say that it satisfies our ego. Ego is one particular thing that drives us to do anything. Similarly, seeing our progress with the help of these fitness trackers, our ego is satisfied. To track our progress, we have to sync the fitness band with our phones and enter the necessary details. Based on these details and the fitness goals we set, the fitness band will tag our progress and give us updates whenever necessary. 


Best Fitness bands under 2500

You all must think fitness bands are really expensive gear which may not be worth all that much money. But let me assure you the ones we have listed below are not only cheaper but work pretty accurately. 


Mi band 4

  • Definitely the best fitness tracker in this segment.
  • Mi Band 4 has a pretty accurate accelerometer that provides numbers that are closer to your actual workout.
  • The heart rate sensor on this device is more accurate than the other devices on this list. 
  • Mi boasts about its insane battery life of 20 days, but real-time use statistics suggest that it only lasts up to 12-13 days. But that is also a great deal for such a compact device.
  • The Mi band 4 has a 0.95 inch OLED display. This provides a chance for really creative watch faces which are customisable.
  • The third-party integration for Mi bands is super good. You can now even control your phone camera, music, etc from your Mi band. 
  • And yes it is waterproof up to 50m
  • Check it out here – Mi Smart Band 4 (Black).


Honor band 5

  • Honor band 5 and the Mi Band 4 are literally the Tiger and Lions of this segment. Both have the basics downright amazing and have added a few features here and there to stand out from their competitors.
  • The Honor band 5 also has a 0.95 color AMOLED display which provides a very modern and poppy look to the fitness band.
  • Honor band 5 also has a relatively accurate sensor that works like a charm in almost all conditions.
  • Battery life lasts up to 8-9 days (real use) is also pretty good but not on par with the Mi band 4.
  • The honor band 5 provides some additional modes (like stroke analyzer in swimming) to the exercise list which helps users get even more accurate results.
  • they are available in 3 variants, You can get more details about the product here:
  • Honor Band 5 (Midnight Navy).
  • Honor Band 5 (Coral Pink).
  • Honor Band 5 (Meteorite Black).



  • GOQii vital 2.0 has gained its popularity with its brilliant incorporation of innovation. It has a blood pressure counter besides all the fitness sensors. 
  • It has a broader OLED screen which is waterproof and swim friendly
  • You can get personalized coaching, consultation from doctors from the GOQii family care plan.
  • It has an exercise mode from where you can track your performance across various activities.
  • This fitness band is also waterproof like all the others on our list.
  • Check out this band right here – GOQii VITAL 2.0.



HolyHigh 115U Smart Fitness Band

  • This is a really lightweight yet powerful fitness band. A perfect fit for teenagers as it looks cool, and it is available in many colors.
  • Holyhigh 115U has all the features from Pedometer to heart rate tracker.
  • The battery life on this device is pretty low, which lasts up to 4-5 days on a full charge with regular use.
  • This fitness tracker has a color display but does not have a touch screen. Instead, it has a capacitive button that can be used for navigating through the menu.
  • This fitness band is great if you just want to try them out. 
  • You can check it out the different colors of the product here:
  • Holyhigh 115U Smart Fitness Band (Pink).
  • Holyhigh 115U Smart Fitness Band (Black).


Noise color fit pro

  • The underdog that needs more upgrades. Noise Color Fit pro looks like a smartwatch but is actually a fitness tracker.
  • It has a multi-sports mode which helps to track calories burned during each sport accurately.
  • This watch, like its competitors, has a heart rate monitor which honestly is not up to the mark. 
  • The other sensors provided in the product are not 100% accurate but they do the job pretty well.
  • Noise color fit pro also has an option to choose the watch faces from multiple options available. 
  • You can also get a call and message notifications from your phone directly. Another cool feature about this product is that you can control the music on your phone. 
  • It is available in many different colors. You can check it out here:
  • Noise color fit pro (Black).
  • Noise color fit pro (Red).
  • Noise color fit pro (blue).



Fitness bands surely help you out a lot during your workouts and exercises. This does not mean that we should completely rely on the numbers we get from them. The data they provide is to motivate us to start our healthy lifestyles and to have control over it. As for our pick, The Mi Smart Band 4 is the winner hands down. 

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