We cannot stress enough on the fact that playing sports is essential. There is not much material online that explains this topic thoroughly. In this article, we will explain the benefits of playing a sport and give you a list of sports which are best for kids. 

Why sports are good for kids?

Everyone, including the animals & birds, need physical activity to keep their bodies in the best condition. Now in the wild, have you ever seen an obese tiger or a fat deer? No, that’s because they have no other option but to hunt or travel miles for grazing. We humans, have made our lives easier with technology but it has taken a toll on our bodies. This can be observed mostly in the younger generation, a lot of them are obese. Sports help in keeping the body functioning as well as keeping the mind sharp. Here are a few reasons why sports are good for kids.

1. Fitness

The number one benefit of playing sports is improved physical fitness. Playing any outdoor sport will 100% improve your fitness. Fitness includes your stamina, core strength, flexibility, and it also boosts the development of bones & muscles. Fitness also includes an improved immunity system. Kids that play more are healthier & more immune to common flu’s in most cases. 

2. Social development 

A lot of studies show that kids who play some sort of team sport have more friends than kids who don’t play any sport. Team sports demand the players to communicate and understand each other. There is saying or you can just a thought in football, it goes like ‘ Your most precious friends are made on the field’. Because of this, kids start understanding how other kids are at a very young age.

3. Positive effect on academics

All of us know that to win or to stand out in any sport, you need determination, discipline and hard work. When this hard work, determination, and discipline is applied in academics, a lot of positive growth is observed in most students.

4. Boost in confidence & self-esteem

I am pretty sure you must have observed that kids who play a lot of sports or are really good at some sport radiate a lot of confidence. When we achieve something or when we are very good at something, we are proud of our skills, we are confident. Sports not only builds confidence but also teaches kids to realize the potential of their skills.

5. Time management

A sportsperson requires an extremely disciplined routine. Time management is literally their best friend, especially for young kids who are into sports. They have to manage their school, tuitions, practice, social life, get a good night’s sleep, etc. Yeah, parents play a big part in this, but they start understanding the value of time. They start understanding their priorities. Time management after some time turns into a habit. These will help them in becoming great professionals.

6. Reduced stress levels.

As kids grow, their stress levels also rise up. It may be due to a lot of reasons, but the most common reason not able to fulfill academic commitments. This is also common in most adults, those who fail to stand up to their commitments are likely to be stressed. Sports are a great way to get rid of all this pent up stress. Not only sports but any kind of high-intensity physical activity will release the majority of the stress from your body. Since kids shouldn’t hit the gym, we have to stick to sports.

Best sports for Kids

You now know the reasons why sports are essential & good for kids. Let us now look at the best sports that your kids should play.

1. Football 

The most popular sport on this planet. Football gains its popularity not only due to the fast-paced nature of the game but also because it is really fun to play. Football is a very easy can be taught to kids as early as 4yrs. You can teach them how to kick the ball or run with the ball before that, but they won’t understand the rules of the game. 

The benefits that playing football has are:

  • Highly Increased Stamina
  • Improvement in muscle strength, core strength, agility and flexibility.
  • Football also helps in teaching children the importance of teamwork and discipline.
  • Kids who play football are sharper and have to ability to make quick decisions. 

2. Cricket

Cricket, the soul of India after its patriotism. Cricket is not just a game for most fans, it has become a religion now. Cricket is another such game that is really easy to understand and play too. Cricket is slowing gaining more popularity across the world and slowly more and more countries have started playing cricket. Let us have a look at the benefit that this sport has:

  • Playing cricket will increase your child’s cardiovascular capacity.
  • It also helps in building muscle, improving balance and flexibility.
  • Cricket also promotes strategizing. This helps in improving their problem-solving abilities.


3. Swimming

One of the best full-body exercises, also a really good sport for kids due to obvious reasons. Swimming is also the skill that once learned you cannot forget. If you learn how to swim at the age of 4, you’ll still be able to swim at the age of 64. Swimming has a high positive impact on your kid’s physical growth. It improves lung capacity increasing stamina. It also strengthens muscles and promotes fat loss.

4. Gymnastics

Best Sports - Gymnastics

Gymnastics is a really popular Olympic sport but hasn’t been given much attention in most countries. Now, with the internet and youtube accessible to everyone, kids are starting to show interest in Gymnastics. Gymnastics has a lot of physical benefits – 

  • It increases flexibility and body balance. 
  • It also improves muscle and core strength. 
  • Gymnastics also boosts confidence in most children. 

5. Athletics

Best Sports - Running

Athletics is a sport which requires mental strength as well as physical strength. The ability to push yourself beyond your limits is what this sport teaches us. This sport is probably the most intense of all in this list. 

  • It increases your stamina, muscle strength, flexibility, agility, body balance etc. basically it develops your whole body. 
  • This sport improves focus and determination among young ones. 
  • Athletics is best of kids who are shy or who like being left alone. 

6. Basketball

Best Sports - Basketball

I feel the easiest sports have the most benefits. Basketball is another really simple sport that kids can learn at a very young age. Basketball is a less injury-prone sport that gives nearly equal or even higher benefits than some of the sports on this list. The benefits of playing basketball include:

  • Increased body control by performing the offence & defence movements.
  • It also improves agility and balance.
  • Basketball really boosts the quick thinking ability, as most passes or shots require really quick judgement of the situation. 
  • Running while tapping the ball has proven to improve eye-hand coordination.


7. Badminton/Tennis

Best Sports - tennis

Badminton and tennis are two completely different sports but they have a lot of benefits which are similar. Both sports demand a very high level of stamina. 

  • Both sports improve focus and concentration among children. 
  • The biggest benefit of these sports is, they help in improving eye-hand coordination. 
  • Badminton and tennis also improve one’s agility, physical strength and balance. 


The Take-Away

Playing sports is really important for kids. It boosts their physical, social and intellectual development. I believe that you should push your kids to play sports just because it’s fun and don’t tell them the benefits until they notice or they stop playing due to some or the other reason. 

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