If you already own a clothes dryer machine, let me reassure you that it is one of the best appliances for a home. Yes, if its not working right, it can get nasty especially if you have to manage a large pile of wet clothes.

However, as you may have already experienced the Dryer machine is so simple to use, that narrowing down to get to the root of the issue is also pretty simple! Let’s see in this article, what are some of the Common Dryer problems and about fixing them!

Most Useful Appliance – the Clothes Dryer

Dryer - Best appliance at home

Dryer – The best appliance in a home

With our ever so increasingly busy lives, a clothes dryer is one of the most needed appliances in every household. You don’t have to worry about pulling your clothes out of the washing machine just in time to air dry them so that they get enough time to air dry. Who has that much time anymore?

Why waste space in your rooms by keeping the bulky drying stands or racks especially because the dry balcony is located such that it does not get any sun’s rays at all?

More importantly, except for summer season where the sun plays a major role in drying clothes, in the other seasons clothes mostly remain moist and not 100% dry. This leaves the clothes with a peculiar smell which is certainly not pleasing.

Clothes Dryer definitely comes to rescue in these cases, where all you need is space for this machine. Once clothes are washed, pop them into the dryer and wait for it to complete.Clothes come out warm and 100% dry ready to be folded and placed inside the cupboards. Hence, I strongly believe it will soon be one of the most used appliances in every home. Check out our existing article “Clothes Dryers – An all weather solution for 100% Dry Clothes” to know more about Clothes dryers and how its really helpful.

Having said that, if the dryer stops working even for a day like I mentioned above, it can get nasty! But the good thing is that Dryer by itself is not a complicated machine. So, it’s just about finding out the root cause for its failure.

Understanding main parts of a clothes dryer

Parts of a Dryer

Parts of a Dryer – motor, tumbler and vent

A clothes dryer is typically made of following parts:

1. A tumbler – This is where you load all the clothes.

2. An electromagnetically motor basically rotates the tumbler and heats up the air inside and dries the clothes as they tumble.

3. An exhaust vent that passes out hot air or steam from the wet clothes out of the dryer.

Typically you will have issues in one of these components.

Common problems with your Clothes Dryer

1 – Dryer Won’t Turn On                2 – Dryer not spinning
3 – Dryer Not Heating                    4 -Dryer very Noisy
5 – Dryer very hot                          6 – Clothes wrinkled.

This article does not very technical information and you may need professional assistance to resolve the issue. However, this article can help you identify in what area the issue is. Maybe you can resolve it yourself too. Else, contact your service provider to log a call for their quick assistance.

WARNING: Before trying out anything on your own – TURN OFF the dryer.

Now let’s see these issues one by one:

Issue 1: Dryer Won’t Turn On

First up, check for simple things like:

1.Power Supply – Ensure that electricity is reaching your dryer. If not, then that’s the issue. Check in your home panel if there has been a trip. You can fix it by yourself or call your handy electrician.

2. Power Chord – If the supply is fine at outlet, then check if there is any issue in the power chord. The plug or socket could also be loose.

3. Control Settings – Check that the settings are correct.

4.Door Open – Check if door is still open. If it’s not tightly closed, the dryer will not start.

5. Lint filter – Check if the lint is clogging the filter. If the filter is not cleaned on a regular basis, it restricts the air flow eventually and hence won’t turn on. Clean the filter and try again.

6. Overheat – Check if the machine is overheated in general. It could be that the motor has overheated or heating element has burned out. Thermal fuse could have been blown out or the thermostat could have also go bad.Typically if lint is not cleaned regularly or if the dryer is kept in a poorly ventilated space or if machine is always overloaded, wear and tear of heating element speeds up and can get damaged easily. Call your service provider to check for this and take appropriate action to resolve the issue.

7. Reset button – If none of the above reasons seem to be the issue, try pressing the “reset” button close the door in the inner side. Press till you hear a “click” sound. Try starting the dryer now.

8. If none of these tips work, there could be an issue with the motor or the belt that helps rotate the tumbler. Contact your service provider for resolving the issues.

Issue 2: Dryer not Spinning

If your dryer starts but is not spinning which means the dryer tumbler is not rotating, it could be the tumbler belt is worn out or tumbler bearing needs to be replaced.

If you can hear the motor running and yet not see the tumbler rotating, it could be that the belt needs replacement.

One thing that you can try if you are well versed with the machine is, to open the rear panel after unplugging the dryer. Check for the belt. Remove the belt and try to turn the tumbler with your hand. If it does rotate, most probably it is the bearing that needs to be replaced.

If you see that the belt is old and worn out, you can consider to replace it with a new one.It is best here to log a call with your service provider and to get the correct parts for replacement.

Issue 3: Dryer Not Heating

If your dryer is running but its not heating, which means clothes are not drying then most probably it’s an issue with the heating element. You can test it yourself if you have a multi-meter. However, if you are not sure, contact your service provider and log a call for them to visit and check.

Some other reasons could be that the thermal fuse has blown off. All these are internal to dryer and its not advised that we open up the dryer to fix. At least unless we have experience in doing it before. It’s advised to call up the service provider and get it checked soon.

Issue 4: Dryer very Noisy

Do you hear squeaking, squealing noises from your dryer machine? A dryer has multiple moving parts and with time they could wore out. I have mentioned a few reasons here that could be causing the noise.

1. Pulley Assembly: The pulley assembly that holds the belt and helps rotating the tumbler can wear out with time and heavy use.

2. Blower – The blower many a times gets blocked with lint. That could be one of the reasons for blower to get noisy. A good tip is to ALWAYS clean up the lint. Make it a habit to clean at least after 2-3 dries.

3. Belt – Sometimes an old or worn out belt can cause noise as it rotates the tumbler. With age the belt becomes hard and brittle.

4. Motor – If the motor is faulty you could get rattling noises from your dryer. With heavy use the parts may get worn out.

In most of the cases unless you are well versed with opening the machine and working with the components, I will suggest to call your service provider and log a call with them for their service.

Issue 5: Dryer very Hot

Do you feel the air around the dryer getting hotter and hotter. If you keep your hand close to the vent, do you feel unusually hot air blowing out? This could be dangerous. This could also cause other issues in your dryer machine. Mainly, belt to wear out, motor and other parts to get unusually hot and stop working.

Things to check:

1. Check if there is enough ventilation around the dryer which means air is continuously flowing around which cools the air thrown out by the dryer. It’s very essential that natural air circulates around it and cools off the heated air.

2. Check the lint filter and clean the lint deposited. This is one of the most common reasons for excess heating. Care should be taken that the lint filter is cleaned everyday or at least every 2 days.

3. If none of the above is true, it could be the heating element getting too hot. This could be dangerous. Its advised to unplug the dryer and log a call with your service provider to get it checked and fixed.

Issue 6: Clothes Wrinkled

Some of the most common causes for clothes getting wrinkled are:

1. Clothes still in the dryer even after completion –  Usually its advised to remove the clothes as soon as cycle completes or while they are still warm. This helps keep their shape and they can be folded and kept away in the cupboards.
Keeping them in the dryer for long allows them to cool off in the same position and hence remain crumpled. Thus, when removing the clothes off the dryer, they seem wrinkled.

2. Stiff clothes – Use of fabric softener helps condition the clothes. This way they are soft and don’t get crumpled.

3. Too large or too less of load – At times due to a large load, the clothes get entangled with each other and remain crumpled and are dried that way. This makes them wrinkle.

Too less a load can also dry off clothes earlier than required time which means they dry off in the crumpled & entangled manner and then retain their shape.

4. Clothes not correctly sorted – To avoid clothes getting entangled, it’s important that they are fed to the dryer in a neat and sorted manner.