Our incredible India, the land of diversity. We literally have different seasons in different parts of the country at the same time. India has Winter, Summer, Monsoon & Autumn. But it is different across different parts of the country. Mumbai has Rain for 3 months which comes up to 2422mm but Ajmer only gets 557mm of rain annually. Because of such vast climatic differences and humid conditions because of the subtropical region, drying clothes is definitely a huge task.

Your clothes may feel dry and cold but in fact, they are not 100% dry. This is because most of us live in high-rise buildings where not all of us have access to balconies, or even if we have balconies, typically higher floors have higher wind speed. But, clothes are 100% dry only when exposed to sunlight or heat. Summer months are the easiest for drying, the wet season is where all the trouble comes in. Even a little moisture or dampness, if kept by your clothes, will start giving out a musty, unpleasant smell.

Problems faced while air drying clothes

You and I have definitely faced all or few of the following problems.


Sun drying clothes instead of using cloth dryers

Using the most powerful energy source is probably a good option. However, you could surely be wearing a shade lighter of your coloured fabric every time you wash it. This is just common science that if dyes are exposed to sunlight for long, they lose their properties and start fading. 

Germs & pollution

Washing clothes and then removing their excess water and drying them in the sun is the most common practice of drying clothes in India. But people ignore the fact that we have a lot of pollution and dust in our air. These particles, along with germs and viruses, get stuck on our clothes because of their dampness. So when you wear your “dry clothes” you are probably wearing a fabric that has a lot of dust particles. If you don’t believe us, try shaking off your clothes after they dry.


Ugh!! Monsoons are the worst when it comes to drying clothes. Since it cold, damp and with no sunlight, we have to dry our clothes inside our homes under fans. This takes a lot of time and electricity is consumed heavily. But even after that, they don’t dry completely and have some moisture in them. Due to this, they give off an unpleasant smell. Many times, you end up putting these clothes over your furniture to dry off overnight. This is not a good sight at all. Furthermore, monsoons last as long as 3 months for a minimum.


Try smelling your clothes after you dry them. Do they smell amazing? NO. That is because they still have the moisture from the wash. To kill this smell, we add camphor and naphthalene balls in our wardrobes. However, this smell gets worse if the clothes are damp. I’m sure, you guys know the smell I’m referring to right now- it is really unpleasant! This is another reason why we even have to apply heavy perfumes and deodorants on our clothes.

Other problems that we face are

  • Creasing on clothes, especially when drying our clothes over the clothesline.
  • Amount of time & effort put in.

How Clothes Dryers can help overcome these problems

Clothes dryers or tumble dryers use heat to evaporate the excess water from the clothes. These dryers completely dry out your clothes in a very short amount of time. Let us look at how cloth dryers can help us overcome the mentioned problems.

Cloth dryers don't let dyes fadeFading

Since cloth dryers use hot air to dry out the excess moisture from the clothes, there is no chance that your clothes will get faded. A common problem which is faced by most of us is our clothes fading due to drying in the sun.


Clothes dried using cloth dryers are definitely germ and allergy-free. As these clothes are dried in a closed space with heat, they are not exposed to the outside elements. Keeping them away from germs & allergy carrying pollens.

Cloth dryers can work in all seasonsWeather

No matter what the weather is like you can dry out your clothes in a very short period of time. Unlike air drying, where you have to wait for maybe 6-7 hours or maybe more depending on the season. Be it rainy, winter, autumn or summer season you can dry out your clothes really fast.

cloth dryers save timeTime

Cloth dryers save you a ton of time. The time you’d spend in hanging the clothes on the clothesline could be used for something productive. On average, a dryer takes 90 mins to dry the clothes of a family of 4. Compare that to 6-7 hours. It’s only 20% of the time taken to air dry.

fragrance from essential oils can be introduced in cloth dryersFragrance

The smell of fresh clothes is really an amazing way to start your day when you open your wardrobe. The clothes dryers use heat to get rid of any moisture present in the clothes, making them 100% dry. In this process, the clothes keep the fragrance of the washing powder or essential oil used for cleaning these clothes. You can additionally add dryer balls or dryer sheets to add fragrance to your clothes when drying. Let us know if you are interested in knowing how to do this and I can write up an article on that too.

there is no creasing with cloth dryersCreasing

When clothes are air-dried over a clothesline, you can see visible creasing. Because of this, we have to iron them again. In cloth dryers, the process is so good that most clothes need not be ironed after drying in cloth dryers. They also feel warm to touch after their drying cycle. A quick fold when they are still warm and your clothes look like they have been ironed.


Things to remember while using clothes dryers

  • Untangle your clothes and linens before adding them to the dryer. As tangled clothes can cause problems while tumbling and the clothes may not dry completely because of that.


  • Check the drying instructions given inside the clothes.  This helps you to identify if your clothes are good enough for drying in the dryer without damaging them in any way. These instructions can be generally found near the seam on the back, near the neck or maybe inside the side seam.


  • Use Dryer sheets or dryer balls to reduce static between the clothes. These can also be used to increase the fragrance by adding essential oils to these dryer sheets and balls. It is not generally required if you already use a fabric softener while washing.


  • Add your clothes in smaller parts if the quantity as larger loads can affect the tumbling mechanism of the dryer. It may also take longer to dry the clothes if a larger load is put in because the air is not completely passing through all the clothes.


  • Clean and empty the lint trap regularly. Lint is the soft excess fabric that gets trapped in the dryer in the process of tumbling. Not cleaning the lint tray regularly can affect the performance of the dryer.


  • Do not use the dryer in a closed space. It should always be near a vent or a window. As cloth dryers emits a lot of hot air, the room they are kept in can get really hot and humid. Hence,  it is advised that you should not cover or use the dryer in a closed room. 

Never put any of your clothes in the dryer which has stains from flammable liquids. Washing never completely gets rid of these flammable liquids. These small amounts of flammable liquids can catch fire inside the dryer and lead to bigger and potentially harmful fires. Make sure you wash them multiple times to reduce the effect of the stain before adding into your dryer.


Clothes dryers available in India

At this moment, the only clothes dryers that are available in India are manufactured by Bosch and IFB

Generally, cloth dyers are of many types, but the ones available in India are tumble dryers and washer dryers. In this article, we will only cover the tumble dryers as they are the better ones. Let us look at a few products.


  • These dryers are also called Tumble dryers as they continuously pass heated air through the clothes and tumbles them which eventually evaporates the moisture and water to dry out the clothes. 
  • These simple dryers are very amazing to have at home. It is very handy and saves a lot of time.
  • These driers can be wall-mounted too. But we should always keep them near a vent for preventing the buildup of humid air in the surrounding area.
  • The following are the tumble dryers available from IFB:

Turbo dry 550 Cloth dryerTurbo Dry 550

      • With a capacity of 5.5kg, these Dryers have a unique airflow system that provides faster drying. 
      • This dryer will give you 100% dry clothes thanks to its amazing technology.
      • Their ease of use and the option to wall mount have caught our attention. Check it out here: 
      • Turbo Dry 550 




Bosch inverter fully automatic condenser dryer 7kg (WTA74201IN)

  • This is a fully automatic air vented dryer from the german giant – Bosch.
  • It has an anti-vibration design which is really a great help against the noise generated by the motors.
  • One of the most amazing features of these products is the low-heat drying function. It is used for clothes sensitive to heat.
  • This model has an LCD control panel that comes really handy.
  • You can check this model out here – Bosch inverter fully automatic condenser dryer 7kg (WTA74201IN)




Bosch inverter fully automatic condenser dryer 7kg (WTE84100IN)

  • This is a fully automatic air vented dryer from the german giant – Bosch.
  • It has an anti-vibration design which is really a great help against the noise generated by the motors.
  • One of the most amazing features of these products is the low-heat drying function.
  • It is used for clothes sensitive to heat.
  • This machine has an analog control panel.
  • You can check this dryer out here – Bosch inverter fully automatic condenser dryer 7kg (WTE84100IN)



Buying Cloth dryers at first looks like a huge investment. In it is, but it is a one-time investment that will help you in multiple ways. The main savings you will do is in the time and effort you put into air-drying your clothes. Not only that, but your clothes will start smelling amazing and they will feel really fresh. By wearing fresh clothes, you will feel jolly and have a JOLLY GOOD LIFE 😉