If you have even decided to declutter your home, then half of your battle is won. But yes, it’s easier said than done, becoz decluttering or putting away things we have around the house, is a very difficult task – Unless you are someone with “Compulsive Decluttering” habit, like me. Let’s see how we can do it easily which is actually the secret of a successful decluttering exercise.

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Decluttering is Important

Decluttering is a Grrreat idea in theory – But very difficult to implement. It comes with a huge baggage of anxiety, guilt and confusion when trying put aside some things that we actually don’t use.

Do you know that when you enter a house or room with minimal artifacts or things around, it feels more fresh and energetic? Yes it’s true!

The more things you have around in the house, especially those that you may not use for months or years together, the more negative energy is around the place. Having too many artifacts around the house may look nice, but it also gets overwhelming. There is so much more to clean to keep the house spick and span.

Primary goal of Decluttering is to clear off the things you don’t use often. You can donate it or give away to those who may be in need of it. If too old, you can also discard.

Some of the tricks we need to follow to declutter are:

1. Detach Yourself

Detach yourself - Decluttering your home

There are so many things we have around the house for years together. Why? No Reason – Just sentimental Value!

Isn’t this true? But if its really not that important anymore, its better to donate or give away.

But our heart bleeds to part with such things. Like for example, the first kitchen appliance you purchased? You may have bought newer ones too, but you still have the old ones?

What about some of the old clothes you have kept aside for years – just waiting for them to wear out? or just in a hope that you will fit back into it one day! And those books that is just getting your library to grow larger and larger.

What about those boxes and containers you kept aside thinking you will need it in future!

I am sure you are smiling by now, as you too have been doing all of this! But the truth is, you need to move on! Detach yourself from these materialistic things. As cliché as it sounds, it’s very serious!

Make space for new items to come in, and for that, remove the older ones.

Give away the old clothes to someone who needs it! The old appliance if still working surely can help someone ease their life. If you have not used an item for more than a whole year, it’s most probably not required in near future too!

The more your donate or share with other people, the more satisfied you feel. They bless you for helping them and your home has become that much lighter than before.

See the difference yourself.

2. Evaluate the need – Apply “30 day Rule”

Evaulate the need - Wait for 30 days - Decluttering your Home

Whenever you want to purchase something, first check if you really need it. Usually I will recommend the “30 Day rule”.

In this, if you like something that you just saw in a mall, wait for 30 days. See if you still need it at the end of 30 days.

If its really not a big deal, then you can forget it. If you cannot wait for it still, then you can go purchase it. However, when you do this, make sure you give away something that you may already have in similar range. This way when you clear the clutter, you make space for new items.

Always evaluate if you really need the item you want to purchase. It’s a big deal to purchase it and then hoard it in the house without using it efficiently.

3. Learn to say “NO!”

Learn to say NO - Decluttering your Home

Typically when someone offers us any gift or anything for free just as a gesture for sharing, we take it.

However, it’s important to say NO!

Ask yourself if you really need that thing. Are you really going to use it? Is it going to be used, or just kept in cupboard for future use?

If it’s a gift and you cannot say No, then keep it with the other gifts that you may have collected. Make a separate space for it. Use these gifts to give away to friends and family than buying new ones again.

Remember, when you remove the clutter and unused things at home, you make space for new ones! Learn to say NO!

4. Regularly DeClutter

Regularly declutter - Decluttering your Home

A very good habit is to clean up the house every now and then. Make it your routine. Every weekend or every 2 weeks.

There is usually a black hole in every house which swallows things we don’t use often. Once n item reaches the blackhole, its gone!

Ok, let me explain…. In our cupboard we have few items or things which we keep behind, out of our daily view. We believe we will use it sometime in future. Out of sight is out of mind. That is the black hole I was talking about.

Soon, all these items kept out of reach in a cupboard is like in a black hole. We don’t see it and hence we don’t use it and hence its always remains there, occupying space but not being of much use.

Avoid creating Black holes - Decluttering your Home

Remove such items. Bring them in the front and replace the used items that have been used quite long. Either donate it or give it someone who needs it. Always keep things that you want to use, in the front. Never keep it away out of reach.

Finally, make it a regular habit to move around things so that they are always used. Keep all shelves free of clutter!

Keep Donate Trash - Decluttering your Home


Final Take

So free yourself from hoarding things. Choose one room after another to declutter so you don’t feel overwhelmed. If that is too much, start one cupboard after another. Take baby steps, but do it. Don’t leave it to pile on to you else it will become cumbersome. Do it in batches, but do it regularly – That is the KEY!

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