What is Diaper Rash?

This is a pretty common rash that can be observed on practically every baby on this planet. As the name suggests this rash occurs in the ‘diaper region’ i.e.near the bum and the gentile area. You’ll notice some red spots or red skin that look like scales. 

This rash is pretty harmless, and every baby suffers from it at least once during their childhood. Your kid might become fuzzy and irritated until the rash is cured but don’t panic, it’ll go away in a week or two. Actually, if it stays longer than that, you need to rush to a doctor or dermatologist as it might be something serious. 


What Causes Diaper Rash?

Diaper rash is generally caused by excessive sweating, too much moisture and heat in one place. In babies, this is inside their diaper. There are a lot of different reasons why diaper rashes occur like:

1. Spending too much time in a soiled diaper 

Diaper Rash - Soiled Diaper

A lot of parents overlook this part. You should always change the diaper as soon as it is soiled. Now you might think, but this will increase your overall cost, there is a solution for that too, Cloth Diapers. You can read more about cloth diapers here – All about Cloth Diapers for babies in India.

The point is if a baby has pooped or peed in his/her diaper, keeping them in that mess isn’t a good idea. See, these are the waste products that our body gives out and they have a lot of bad bacteria & germs. This is probably the biggest contributor to diaper rash.


2. Introduction of a new type of food for both, the mother and the baby

Diaper Rash - New Food

The chances of babies having some kind of reaction after starting to eat solid foods, fruits, nuts, or some vegetables is high. This generally happens because of the consistency of their stool changes. And since their whole system is new to it, there might be some undigested food which can become the cause of the diaper rash. 

There have been a lot of cases where the mom eats something new, and the result is a diaper rash. Doctors say it might be due to change in some nutrition of breast milk. This is a very complex topic If you wish to know more about this, let us know in the comment section below.


3. Introduction of new type of medications or the use of products

Similar to the introduction and effect of new foods in the baby’s diet, medications and the use of new products might show similar results. This can be observed when either the mother or the baby is on antibiotics for some reason. Antibiotics will kill off not only the bad bacteria, but it will also wipe out a large number of good bacteria. This leaves the baby’s skin open for a lot of fungal infections.

Since the diaper area of a baby is warm, moist & soft, it is the best place for fungal infections to start.


4. The diaper is too tight

I guess a lot of parents believe that if the diaper is tighter, it will prevent leakage. But in reality, it just makes the baby more uncomfortable. When babies become uncomfortable, they start moving or become erratic. As the diapers are tight, the friction between their tender skin and the diaper might cause a diaper rash.


5. Sensitive Skin

Diaper rash - Sensitive Skin

Babies that already have some kind of skin condition due to their sensitive skin like Eczema or Seborrheic dermatitis are more prone to diaper rash. 

How to spot Diaper Rash on your baby? 

You easily understand if your baby has a diaper rash. You just have to observe the following things. 

1. Visible skin signs

Spotting a diaper rash is really easy. You’ll notice red spots or red scaly patches on your baby’s bottom or around the diaper area. 

2. Baby behaviour

The baby will itself convey that he/she is uncomfortable or in pain. They might start crying when water touches the affected area or when you wipe them during the diaper change.

In some very serious cases, you might observe occasional bleeding, broken skin or pus around the affected area. 


Steps to prevent Diaper Rash

Usually, a diaper rash will happen at least once in the baby’s childhood. Avoiding it is hard, but there are some preventive measures that you can use. 

  • This has to be your first move towards preventing diaper rash. Change the diapers frequently and as soon as they get soiled. Avoid keeping the dirty diaper on the baby for more than 20-25mins. 
  • Nobody wants to be tied up all day, not even your baby’s bottom. Give it some free air. You should let your baby be diaper free for almost 10 minutes before putting on a new diaper. 
  • While bathing your baby, Use warm water and not hot water. Hot water may aggravate the condition. If you want to use soaps, doctors recommend that you use a mild fragrance-free soap. Sebamed baby cleansing bar is the perfect choice for this. 
  • Don’t use tight diapers. Tight diapers make the baby feel cramped, and it also restricts airflow. When the airflow is restricted, the moisture level increases and provides a favourable environment for the rash to grow. 
  • Try some home remedies and products that help in reducing the diaper rash. You can read more about them in the next section.


Home remedies to prevent Diaper Rash on your baby

In addition to the tips above, you can use these home remedies to reduce the diaper rash.

  • One of the most common home remedies is applying coconut oil on the affected area. This works best when the rash is a fungus or yeast rash.
    Coconut oil is a very powerful antifungal agent, and it will get rid of the yeast rash in a matter of days.
  • Using cornstarch and browned flour have also worked for a lot of people. Browned flour is stirring up your all-purpose flour on medium heat until it turns brown. Once brown, take it off the heat and let it cool. 
  • You can also use Aloe vera gel, or you can also mix aloe vera nectar with water. You just have to make sure that it is very diluted. Also, don’t forget to perform a spot test first to make sure that it does not have an adverse effect on the babies skin. 


Products to Treat Diaper Rash

Creams and ointments actually work better than home remedies. These are based on zinc oxide which literally gets rid of the rash in a matter of days. Zinc oxide is entirely safe on baby skin. 

Here are some products that you can use to treat diaper rash. 



Diaper rash is pretty harmless in general, but at times it gets very serious. You can start off by following some of the steps and home remedies we have advised in this article.

However, at times, the baby’s skin might start producing pus or start bleeding. When such a situation arises, its best to visit a dermatologist. You need to be able to identify when that situation occurs and not waste any more time.

For minor or normal rash you can use the above-mentioned tips and measures. This will get rid of the diaper rash. 

If you have any other tips or methods that we may have missed out, feel free to post them in the comment section below.