Winter brings in a nice cold breeze and pleasant afternoons. There is one other thing that the cold season brings in which everyone hates, dry skin. You can cover up your whole body to protect it, but you cannot cover your face. That the most critical part of the body. Your identity is pretty much based on your face. 

Dry skin of face is a very common condition that almost everyone faces. It’s a harmless skin condition but super irritating. Most just apply skin creams, a short term solution. But instead, there are things you can do to completely get rid of the dry skin on your face. 


What are the causes of facial dry skin

For coming up with a solution, we need to first understand the problem. You cannot get rid of dry skin if you don’t know what causes it. Our skin becomes dry because during the cold season the body’s naturally produced moisture gets evaporated fairly quickly. 

Our skin produces an oil called “sebum”. It protects our skin from drying out and against the forces of the environment like dust. When the skin is not able to produce adequate amount of sebum, our skin loses its moisture and becomes dry. 

There are several factors that affect the production of sebum in our body. These factors can be internal or external.

Internal factors

Internal factors are basically the ones that are related to your genetics, age or any hormonal changes that you might you have. 

1. Age: As we age, our body starts giving more importance to the main organs and decreases the use of various other glands.

Our body does not sweat when we get old, or the ability to produce lipids and sweat is reduced due to the decreases sweat glands which helps in producing sebum.

This leaves the skin more prone to dryness.

2. Pregnancy or Hormonal Changes: The change in hormonal levels also alter the moisture levels in the skin.

That’s why you see that teenagers are more prone to get pimples. The vice versa is also true.
Doctors have observed dry skin in subjects in stages of hormonal imbalance like pregnancy, menopause, adolescence.

3. Genetics: Yes genetics plays a role in your dry skin problem. It determines the pigmentation of your skin, the lipid levels of your skin, it’s likely that a skin condition is passed down the genetic tree.

4. Diet: Our body requires a specific set of nutrients. When these nutrient needs are not met, the body reacts.

If you have low calcium, your nails will have white spots. Regular fatigue and tiredness may indicate a deficiency of vitamin D.

Similarly when dry skin shows that our body lacks the essential fats – Omega 3 fats. These are found in foods like flaxseeds, salmon, avocado, etc.


External factors

External factors are factors that affect the moisture levels of the skin from the outside. They  are :

1. Skincare habits: if you think you might be keeping your face clean by washing it multiple times, but you are only getting rid of the natural moisture.

Taking long showers, bathing in hot water also reduces the body’s natural moisture.

2. Environmental factors: We all know that dry weather brings along dry skin. The UV rays also affect the dryness of your skin.

UV rays speed up the ageing of skin, as our skin starts to age, the moisture retention capacity starts to decrease. Prolonged exposure in the sun can cause dehydration which in turn can cause dry skin.

3. Smoking: Studies show that the chemicals found in cigarettes, including nicotine, slows down the blood flow throughout our body. This may cause the skin cells to die out prematurely. 


How to prevent facial dry skin

Most of us will have environmental factors as the main reason for the dry skin on our face. Thankfully there are some fairly easy remedies that you can even perform at home. 


1. Use a mild cleanser

woman using cleanser for dry skin

Using a mild cleanser is the best choice you can make. Soaps that have fragrances, dyes and other chemicals can turn out to be harmful for your skin. Here’s a list of ingredients that you should avoid in your cleanser:

    • Parabens
    • Any product based on mineral oils, paraffin & petroleum included.
    • Sodium lauryl sulphate
    • Monoethanolamine
    • Diethanolamine
    • Triethanolamine


2. Moisturize daily

You need to make sure that you keep up your skin’s natural barriers. Moisturisers and creams help you boost your skin’s water retention capacity. You should always go for gentle moisturiser. Such moisturisers will keep your skin soft, bouncy and keep the skin clear of excess oils. 

You should always apply moisturiser right after washing your face with a mild cleanser. This helps in locking the moisture even better. 

You can also use natural moisturisers like coconut oil, shea butter and aloe vera. 


3. Change your shower habits

There several dermatology studies which prove that hot water damages our skin and takes away all the natural moisture. You should always use warm or luke water for bathing. Yes, long hot showers after a long day at work sounds amazing, but they will have an adverse effect on your skin. Doctors also suggest that you should limit your shower time to 5-10 times during the dry seasons. This gives you enough time to clean yourself as well as does not let the sebum on your skin get depleted. 


4. Exfoliate your skin 

Exfoliation means removing the dead skin cells on our skin which look like dry patches. This helps in making room for the newer skin cells to rise up. Moisturising just after exfoliating has worked the best for a lot of people. 

You should also keep in mind that, exfoliation is only good when done once or twice in a month. If done more than that, it might cause more damage to your dry skin.


Products for dry skin

Here are a few products that you can use:

1. Neutrogena Extra Gentle Facial Cleanser 

extra gentle dry skin cleanser

    • This facial cleanser is actually extra gentle on your skin. Neutrogena has made this cleanser facial cleanser to be soap-free, this helps our skin to be cleansed and moisturized as well. 
    • All Neutrogena products are hypoallergenic, which means they won’t have an allergic reaction to any skin type.
    • Do not underestimate the power of this cleanser just because it won’t produce lather. It is capable of cleaning out deep pores and making your skin really soft. 
    • To buy the product on Amazon click this link – Neutrogena Extra Gentle Facial Cleanser

2. Cetaphil Moisturising Cream  

dry skin moisturising cream

    • Cetaphil is known for its gentle and skin-friendly products.
    • This cream is very rich and fragrance-free moisturizer. The non-greasy formula that Cetaphil use in their creams and moisturizer are on another level. They are simply amazing.
    • For best results, use this right after cleansing your face with the Neutrogena extra gentle face cleanser mentioned above.  
    • If you wish to know more about this product check it out on Amazon with link – Cetaphil Moisturising Cream

3. Sirona Natural Face Wash Exfoliating Facial Cleaner

dry skin cleanser

    • When Sirona says their facial cleanser is natural, it is natural. This exfoliating face cleaner is made from Tasmanian pepper fruit, flaxseed extracts and the goodness of apricots. 
    • It helps in exfoliating your skin and the flaxseed extracts provide your skin with the nourishment it needs. 
    • This cleanser will help you get rid of the dead skin cells on your skin easily and naturally. 
    • To buy this product on Amazon click this link – Sirona Natural Face Wash Exfoliating Facial Cleaner

4. Cetaphil Dam Daily Advance Ultra Hydrating Lotion

dry skin moisturizer

    • This daily hydrating in lotion by Cetaphil will help you with your daily moisturising needs. They have specifically designed this product to provide you with upto 24hrs of moisturization. 
    • Cetaphil DAM is a fragrance-free moisturizer that contains ERC-5 (Epidermal Replenishing Complex) – a unique combination of 5 key ingredients that help relieve dry, sensitive skin, leaving it nourished, soft, and smooth.
    • You can buy this product on Amazon with this link – Cetaphil Dam Daily Advance Ultra Hydrating Lotion

5. Biotique Morning Nectar Biotique dry skin care

    • It is indeed a morning nectar for your skin. The ayurvedic recipe of this product also makes it very suitable for all skin types. 
    • You should use this right after cleansing your face in the morning before exposure to the sun. Biotique says that you can also use it under your makeup. Not many people have used the product this way, but it certainly is a great facial moisturiser. 
    • To know more about this product check it out on Amazon – Biotique Morning Nectar



A healthy skin is the result of skincare and right nutrition. If you follow the tips in this article, you can easily tackle your problem of dry skin. Check out our other articles on skincare here –