Amazon clearly understands the potential of the Indian market. Over the period it has promoted so many products that are completely catered towards the Indian audience. 

Smart devices and speakers have also picked up their share of fame and use in households across the country. To enhance their reach and expand their customer base further, Amazon has introduced a new portable device to its “ECHO” line of smart speakers. It’s called the Amazon Echo Input Portable Speaker Edition. Yes, the name is pretty weird, but the speaker isn’t. Read further to know how amazing this speaker is and what are the different ways to use it. 


Echo Input Portable Speaker Edition

Amazon is finally giving people what they actually want. The new Echo Input combines the power of Alexa with the portability of a Bluetooth speaker. 

This speaker was announced on 4th December 2019 and it is in the pre-order stage. The Echo Input Portable Speaker will be available only in India from 18th December 2019. Though this is only available in India right now, Amazon is planning to launch this device in the international markets as well. 

Let us look at the features this speaker has to offer,


Technical Specifications

The Echo Input Portable Speaker is a palm-sized smart speaker. To be honest, since it’s not out yet for delivery, we cannot comment on the performance of this device. On paper, it looks really promising. 

Here are some of the features to look out for:

  • 1.5’ inch speaker which fires sound in 360 degrees. This really has a plus point, you can set it up in between a group of people and everyone will be able to hear the music clearly.
  • The best part and the USP of this device, the 4800mAH battery. This allows you to take your device anywhere. On paper, it can run upto 10hrs playing skills, music, games, etc. And it has an 11hr idle time. Amazon themselves suggest that you keep this device plugged in when not on the move.
  • And Obviously, you probably know this, it’s Alexa. She makes the portable speaker into a portable smart speaker. 
  • The Echo Input Portable Speaker features 4 far-field microphones that allow it to listen from a distance of around 10 meters. This may vary according to the room size, obstacles, and placement of the device. 


Aesthetic Specifications

  Enough about the tech part, now let’s appreciate how amazing this device looks. 

  • This speaker like all other echo speakers has a metal exoskeleton, which is covered with really good quality fabric. This gives the device a really premium look.
  • We don’t know if it will be available in any other colors other than black. As of now, only black is available. 
  • The Echo Input Portable Speaker also has the physical buttons to control the devices like the other echo devices. 


Why You Should get the Echo Input Portable Speaker

There are a lot of reasons or situations where having a portable smart speaker would be the best thing ever. I have written down a few so that you understand the whole point. 

  • Car: A great possibility that this device opens up, is the use of Alexa in your car. You can connect the device you’re to the cellphone’s internet via a hotspot and use it as a smart speaker in your car. 
  • Washroom: Yeah, this is a weird one, but it can happen. Most of us don’t have a power outlet in our toilets where we can hook up an echo device and use it. But the Echo input portable speaker completely changes this. You can carry the same device from beside your bed to your toilet and get your news briefing while performing the morning routine.
  • Picnic: What’s the point of a picnic without any music. Most of us carry some sort of musical instrument, play Antakshari, play songs, etc. Now, imagine if you had a smart speaker doing the same thing. Plus you could use all the skills that Alexa offers.
  • Bathing: Another weird yet fun way you can use this device. All of us like to dance or sing no matter how bad we do it. The most common place where most of us show off our moves are in the shower. Since this device is splash-proof you can take it into your shower, and sing along or dance to your favorite songs.  Just make sure it’s away from the water source.
  • Swimming: Not just shower, since the device is splash-proof, you can even take it to pool parties. Take note that it’s only splash-proof and not waterproof. So if you drop your Echo Input Portable Speaker in the water by mistake, the device will stop working.


The Take-Away

The Echo Input Portable Speaker is a promising device. We personally have high hopes from this device. It is available for preorder now at Rs 4,999/-. Amazon says the delivery will start from 18th December 2019. To pre-order this device, visit the link below.

Echo Input Portable Speaker

Let us know what are your thoughts about this device in the comment section below. 

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