Fatigue as per Oxford dictionary means: Extreme tiredness from mental stress or physical exertion or illness.

Fatigue is not very serious when experienced once in a while. It can be corrected with simple measures. Essential oils can actually help eliminate fatigue. It’s the simplest and economical way to cure fatigue, than spending large amounts on medicines. Having medicines on a regular basis is also not quite a good idea.

We will see how in this article which are some of the best essential oils to eliminate fatigue and how we can use them to cure us.

If you are experiencing extreme fatigue, then it’s advised to go to your family doctor for a regular checkup. You may be advised to do an extensive blood checkup to check for Vitamin B12, D3 deficiency etc… You may also be advised with simple exercises to start with.


Common causes of fatigue

  1. Insufficient Sleep
  2. Lack of exercise
  3. Muscle sprain or inflammation
  4. Mental stress or anxiety

Let’s look at each in detail and which essential Oils help.

1. Insufficient Sleep

Insufficient sleep

Occasional lack of sleep is not a very serious problem. Lack of sleep can cause the body to feel exhausted as it has not received enough rest that it needs.

The body tends to feel tired that day and very sleepy.

It can also cause irritability and inability to concentrate on work or study.

However, if lack of sleep continues it can cause serious medical conditions like Diabetes, High Blood Pressure, Heart attack etc…

Essential Oils that help sleep well are:

i. Lavender Oil

Lavender by Guru Nanda

Lavender Oil calms the mind and the body. It lowers the blood pressure and heart rate relieving our body from any anxiety.

All this slowly leads us to fall asleep and then go into deep sleep. Anxious free mind keeps our mind in a relaxed state which causes deep sleep.

Lavender Oil is very good for calming the mind and body and hence improves our sleep Lavender Body and Room Spray by Guru Nandapattern.

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You can also purchase the Lavender Body and Room Spray to get equally unique feeling of calmness causing good sleep at night.

ii. Chamomile Oil

Chamomile by Guru NandaChamomile Oil is available in various types. It’s best known for relieving anxiety and calming the mind & body.

Calming the mind causes both mind and body to relax and free of any tension. Thus, allowing us to sleep well.

Click on this link to purchase the Chamomile Oil. It’s 100% Pure and Natural. This is a “Roll on” which you can just roll on skin where you wish to apply.

For best results it can be applied close to the heart, especially when feeling anxiety or sadness.

For deep sleep at night, roll on a little in the temple area and third eye area on the forehead. You will be surprised to experience a good night’s sleep.

iii. Lemongrass Essential Oil 

lemongrass by GuruNandaLemongrass Essential Oil is often used for massages due to its strong or pungent smell. It’s fresh and tangy and hence gives a quick energy boost. Applying it to skin after diluting in carrier oil gives a refreshing feeling. The smell is long lasting giving a better experience.

How you can use this oil:

    1. Dilute a few drops of Lemongrass Essential Oil with a carrier oil of your choice and massage your temples. It will slowly calm your anxiety.
    2. Add a few drops of Lemongrass Essential Oil in a spray bottle with water. Spray in your room to get a refreshing smell calming you from all stress.

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iv. Melissa Essential Oil

Melissa Essential Oil by Guru Nanda

Melissa Essential Oil is also called Lemon Balm. It is considered as a citrusy essential oil like Lemon etc and provides mood upliftment and instant energy.  The sweet and soothing smell encourages calm feelings and relieves us from any tension giving us good sleep.

How you can use Melissa Essential Oil:

    1. Add a few drops to your diffuser. It is very refreshing.
    2. Take a few drops of Melissa Essential Oil on your palm and inhale deeply.

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v. Peppermint Essential Oil

Peppermint Essential Oil by Guru Nanda

Peppermint Essential Oil also has shown improvement in fatigue when used. It relaxes both the mind and body and keeps us energized entirely. Typically Peppermint Essential Oil is very useful when recovering from fatigue or weakness due to an illness.

How you can use it:

    1. Mix a drop of Peppermint Essential Oil with a quarter teaspoon of any carrier oil of your choice. Apply this mixture to the bottoms of feet, back of the neck or spine to help you cool down and refresh.
    2. Add a few drops of Eucalyptus Essential Oil to drops of Peppermint Essential Oil along with carrier oil and apply it to your chest to reduce congestion and stiff muscles.
    3. Peppermint Essential Oil Roll On by Guru NandaTake a few whiffs of Peppermint Essential Oil directly from the bottle before taking on the day for a quick energy boost.
    4. You can also use Peppermint Essential Oil ROLL ON which can be directly applied to skin near the temple or chest for a quick soothing and calming effect. The roll on is made of 100% Pure Natural Essential Oil Blends that truly brings comfort and peace

Click on this link to purchase Peppermint Essential Oil. If you want to try the roll on, you can also check it out here, Peppermint Essential Oil ROLL ON

Good Night Little Lamb Roll-On - GuruNanda 4Kids Blends

vi. Good Night Little Lamb Blend Roll on For Kids

This blend is the best blend to keep our children away from stress and provide them with a good night’s sleep.

These days kids are also stressed out with school projects, homework and other digital media addictions. This roll on helps relax their mind to get a good night’s sleep.

You can purchase the roll on here: Good Night Little Lamb Roll On for Kids

Good Night Little Lamb - GuruNanda 4Kids

How you can use it:

Apply directly to wrists, neck, behind the ears, and at the bottoms of the feet for a rejuvenating feeling.

You can also directly buy the Essential Oil and apply it on different parts of the body blending it with a carrier oil of your choice.

You can check out the Good Night Little Lamb Essential Oil for Kids.

2. Lack of exercise

This is one of the most common reasons for feeling tired. It’s important that you keep your body on the move and not allow it to rust.

Wake up early and go for an exercise. If you are unable to give time in the morning, see that you give some time for exercise anytime during the day.

You can go for a walk, or run or hit the gym. Or it can be simple stretching exercises or Yoga.


3. Muscle sprain or inflammation

Many times when our body is sour, we feel tired and fatigued. It could be due to overdoing of any exercise, or at times, due to lack of exercise and sudden movement, we catch a sprain.

Hence, keeping body on the move is essential. However, taking care of our muscle sprain is equally important. We must not strain ourselves more during a sprain.

You can use these following essential oils blends to take care of any sprains, muscle pain or in general to relax the body and mind.

i. Bath Blend Relaxation Oil

Bath Blend Relaxation Oil by Guru Nanda

Bath Blend Relaxation Oil provides a deep relaxing effect for our mind and body. It can recreate a rejuvenating experience. This is a blend of eucalyptus essential oil and other essential oils together to form one of the best blends for relaxing the mind and body.

How you can use it: With just 10 drops, you can turn your bath into a home spa.

Click on Bath Blend Relaxation Oil to see more details and buy.

ii. Calm Muscle Essential Oil

Calm Muscle - Essential Oil Blend - GuruNandaCalm Muscle Essential Oil does exactly as per name. It’s a perfect blend of all the powerful essential oils that help Calm Muscle and feel refreshing.

How you can use it: Dilute with a carrier oil of your choice until Calm Muscle is at a 2% dilution rate. Apply the diluted blend directly to wrists, neck, behind the ears, and at the bottoms of the feet. Feel the difference yourself.

You can purchase this oil here, Calm Muscle Essential Oil


4. Mental stress or anxiety

Mental Stress or anxiety can be an important instrument for Fatigue. You can start off by boosting your energy in the morning using some fresh smelling & mood enhancing essential oils.  These oils can uplift mood and provide instant energy boost to kick start the day.

Anytime during the day you feel down, you can boost your energy anywhere using these essential oils.

Citrus fruit essential oils 

These oils are one of the most refreshing and positively stimulating oils. It can instantly ease your mind and relieve any stress.

i. Grapefruit Essential Oils

Pink Grapefruit - Essential Oil - 100% Pure & Natural - GuruNandaGrapefruit Essential oils are known to be one of the best essential oils that helps reduce blood pressure and relieve stress. Hence, it acts as an instant mood balancer and calms your anxious mind.

How you can use Grapefruit essential Oil:

    1. Add 8-10 drops of Pink Grapefruit Essential Oil to warm bath water.
    2. Inhale a few whiffs of Pink Grapefruit Essential Oil from your diffuser.
    3. Add a few drops of Pink Grapefruit Essential Oil to your facial cleanser, and rinse thoroughly.

You can purchase this oil here, Grapefruit Essential oils

ii. Lemon Essential Oils

Lemon Essential Oil by Guru NandaLemon Essential oil is a natural ingredient that serves as a common home remedy, be it for cleansing or health benefits.

Its strong smell kind of makes one feel energized. It is also known to decrease anxiety and reduce depression symptoms.

Study shows that Lemon essential oils help relieve stress and improve mood drastically.

How you can use Lemon Essential Oil:

Add a few drops of Lemon Essential Oil to a Diffuser to cleanse and purify the air while lifting your mood.

You can purchase this oil by clicking on Lemon Essential oil.

iii. Orange Essential Oils

Orange Essential Oil by Guru NandaOrange Essential Oil uplifts the positive spirit and reduces any negative energy. The sweet smell of orange sends good vibes and suppresses anxiety and depression.

How to use it:

    1. Place 3-5 drops of Sweet Orange Essential Oil into your diffuser to help re-energize your mind and body.
    2. Add a drop of Sweet Orange Essential Oil to a few drops of carrier oil of your choice, and rub it on your temples for stress relief.
    3. Diffuse 8 drops of Sweet Orange Essential Oil to a bottle of water and spray to refresh and purify your environment.

You can check out more and click on this link to purchase Orange Essential Oil

iv. Ylang Ylang Essential Oils

Ylang Ylang - Essential Oil Exotics - 100% Pure and Natural - GuruNandaYlang Ylang Essential Oil sweet and bright smell always helps comfort the mind and body. The soothing smell calms the mind and body from any anxiety or stress. It is widely used medicinally to heal wounds, reduce high blood pressure,balance heart rate and relieve stressed nerves.

How you can use it:

    1. When used in bath, it is known to reduce mental and physical stress.
    2. Add 3-4 drops of Ylang Ylang Essential Oil to a bowl of hot water, place a towel over your head, and lean over the steam to receive Ylang Ylang’s powerful skin rejuvenating properties.
    3. Diffuse 6-8 drops of Ylang Ylang Essential Oil for an intoxicating, sweet aroma in your home.

Florals & Citrus Essential Oil Set - By Guru NandaYou can buy the complete set of Florals and Citrus Essential Oils from Guru Nanda a world famous Brand for Essential oils.

Essential Oil Blends to Calm the mind and Boost Energy

If you do not wish to purchase single bottles of each essential Oil, you can purchase these blends which have the perfect mixture of multiple essential oils giving the body and mind the calmness it needs and instant energy.

i. Yoga Blend Roll on

Yoga Blend Roll On by GuruNandaYoga Blend Roll On is one of the most loved blends. It has a very refreshing smell and enhances mood instantly.

It is a mixture of multiple essential oils like: Lavender, Peppermint, Rosemary, Basil, Marjoram in a bit of coconut oil.

It can be directly applied to your temples, behind the ears, bottom of the feet,

wrist or neck for a refreshing experience.

ii. Natural Mist Room Spray Blends

Natural Mist Room Spray - Guru NandaNatural Mist Room Spray Blends has multiple options that you can purchase from. They are a combination of multiple essential oils to give the perfect mixture to boost your energy.

The spray provides a soothing smell which instantly calms all anxiety and boosts positive energy.

They come in 4 options:

    1. Jasmine and Rosemary
    2. Lemongrass, Lime, and Basil
    3. Spearmint, Patchouli, and Cedarwood
    4. Lavender, Orange, and Vanilla

iii. Harmony Essential Oil

Harmony - Essential Oil Blend by Guru NandaHarmony Essential Oil Blend 100% Pure & Natural is a specially crafted by Guru Nanda LLC, to produce feelings of balance, calmness during the rough and unsteady times. The citrusy floral combination of multiple essential oils gives the right boost to energy keeping our mind and body calm.

Some common essential oils are: Lemon, Bergamot, Lime, Orange, Lemongrass, Grapefruit etc…

How to use:

    1. Add a few drops of Harmony Essential Oil Blend to a diffuser to create a balanced atmosphere for mind, body, and spirit.
    2. Apply a few drops of the diluted essential oil to wrists, temples, back of the neck or bottom of feet to enjoy the benefits.

iv. Calm Little Chick Essential Oils

Calm Little Chick - GuruNanda 4KidsCalm Little Chick for Kids helps calm the children’s mind and keeps them calm from all outwardly pressures.

You can purchase it here, Calm Little Chick for Kids. You can also directly purchase the blend roll on and apply it directly on skin near the wrist, temple area, back of neck, bottom of feel etc. Purchase the Roll on here, Calm Little Chick Roll On for Kids.



I hope this article helps you take immediate action to cure you or your family/friends from fatigue. Try these essential oils from Guru Nanda and see a whole lot of difference in your stress levels. Your mind and body will be more at calm and stress free. Anxious feelings will soon disappear.

If your fatigue is more serious and for a longer duration, you must see your general physician for a checkup.

Feel free to like and rate this article and also share with your friends and family. Leave a comment in the comment section for what more articles you wish to read here.

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