What are essential oils?

For understanding essential oils, let us first understand what “essence” means. Essence is the most important part of something. For example, the essence of a painting is the colors used in it. Similarly, these oils are the essence of a plant. They are obtained through the process of distilling different parts of the plant like leaves, stems, roots, etc. The product obtained i.e. essential oils are highly concentrated and volatile in nature. 


What are the most used essential oils? 

Essential oils with diffusers

You must have heard about some of these oils, maybe that’s why you are here to know more about them. These essential oils are being used by many people across the globe. It is because they have helped a lot of people with their problems. Here is a list of the most used and popular essential oils.

Lavender for essential oilsLavender Oil

This is the “go-to” oil for many people. Lavender has a very soft floral smell, which is very soothing. In contrast to its medicinal and aromatic properties, lavender oil can be very harmful to some people. So one should always take care.


eucalyptus for essential oilsEucalyptus Oil

Eucalyptus oil is made from the leaves of the tree. This oil has a unique aroma, it is very “Foresty”. It is great for topical application, diffusion, and cleaning.


Peppermint for essential oilsPeppermint Oil

This oil has a very fresh aroma that helps in boosting your energy levels. It is a very commonly used oil because of its various health properties.


Lemon for Essential oilsLemon Oil

Lemon is probably the symbol of freshness and so is the lemon oil. Imagine a fragrance of 50-60 lemons packed into 1 small bottle.

Orange for essential oilsSweet Orange Oil

Similar to lemon, citrus aroma of orange is pleasing and uplifting. A go-to oil as air fresheners and also during cleaning.

lemon grass for essential oilsLemongrass oil

Lemongrass as the name suggests the plant has an aroma which is very unique. It smells like grass or leafy with hints of lemon. It is a very refreshing smell and is used in a lot of different areas.

Tea tree oil

Tea tree oil is well known and most used for its anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties. Tea tree oil has a very herbal aroma that works great as room fresheners.

Clove for essential oilsClove oil

Clove oil has been used for its medicinal properties in Ayurveda since the beginning. Clove oil has a lot of medicinal benefits, but its aroma is overwhelming to certain people. It is most of the times diluted or mixed with an oil which has a citrus aroma.

Rosemary for essential oilsRosemary oil

Rosemary oil is used to uplift and energize oneself. We generally use it during massages, cleaning, room fresheners, etc. It has a very herbal scent.

Jasmin for essential oilsJasmine oil

Jasmine is very popular in tropical countries for its sweet romantic fragrance. You might not know that jasmine has a lot of medicinal properties.

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Why are Essential Oils important?

Essential oils can have a positive impact on your health if used correctly and with the recommendation from your doctors. They are a part of Ayurvedic medicine for as long as we know. These oils are made from medicinal herbs and other flowering plants. Let us look at the benefits they provide us.


  • Headache & Stress relief: Headache & stress relief are probably the most common uses of essential oils. A lot of users have claimed it is helpful, but there is no proper survey backing such claims. Using lavender oil or peppermint oil has helped many people with their headaches and reduce stress. Using essential oil mixtures for massages may boost their effects, but it only lasts a few hours.


  • Overcoming Sleeplessness: Essential oils have had a positive impact on a person’s sleep cycle. When people suffering from sleeplessness used these oils, they experienced a change in their sleep cycle. Lavender is the most commonly used oil because of its natural soothing properties.


  • Fights Inflammation: There are very little to no studies on humans to back this claim. Though a lot of users believe that using essential oils can reduce inflammation. Only a few test-tube studies and studies on mice have proved that they can fight and reduce inflammation.


  • Antibiotic & Antimicrobial: The antibiotic properties of essential oils have sparked interest for more research. The initial research has shown promising results from Tea tree, Peppermint oil, Eucalyptus oil. These studies are test-tube studies or carried out on mice. Hence, the exact effect on the human body is unknown.


  • Other uses: Essential oils are used for various other purposes apart from their medicinal uses.

    • Cleaning: They are used for cleaning for their strong pleasing aroma, antibiotic, antifungal, antimicrobial properties. Mostly Citrus essential oils and Oils like Tea Tree oil and Pine tree oil used for their strong aroma and their other properties.

    • Scents: Essential oils are also used as air fresheners besides their medicinal uses. Oils having thicker and stronger aromas work best for bigger areas. This can be achieved with the help of diffusers and many other DIY methods.


  In short, Essential oils are used for – 

  • Headache & Stress relief.
  • Overcoming sleeplessness.
  • Fighting inflammation. 


How to use Essential Oils?

Essential oils with flowers

You now have an idea about what essential oils do. But do you know how to use them? Don’t worry we’ve got you covered. They can be used in three different ways:

  • Diffusion
  • Smell (not always recommended)
  • Application on skin.

Let us now look at each of this process one by one regarding the different oils:


Ultrasonic essential oils diffusers

 Diffusion is the process by which essential oils are spread across a room. The diffuser helps to amplify the fragrance of the essential oil and spreads it across the room. There are different diffusers used for this process. We have only listed the diffusion methods that work best.

essential oils - heat diffuserHeat Diffusers

 Essential oils are spread throughout the room by evaporation. Heat diffusers are used to evaporate the diluted essential oils, which spreads the aroma in the room. Heat diffusers have a holding chamber on top where we have to add a few drops of oil and some water as prescribed in the manual of the diffusers. Using heat diffusers can be very cost effective, as they are very cheap. When essential oils are exposed to heat, they lose some of their medicinal properties. This is one of the major drawbacks of heat diffusers. Therefore, heat diffusers are only recommended to people who want to use essential oils for their aroma. There are two types of heat diffusers available in the market:

      • Candlelight/tea light diffusers.

      • Electronic heat diffusers.


  1. Cost effective than most of the other diffusers.
  2. Provides aroma for a small area.
  3. Silent Diffusers.


  1. Heat changes the chemical composition of the oils.
  2. Unequal distribution of oil components.


Essential oils - Evaporative diffusers.Evaporative diffusers

 Similar to heat diffusers, they use evaporation to spread the aroma of the oil. These diffusers use a small fan to spread the aroma from the oil. Few drops of oil are added to a pad or a filter that is kept beneath the fan. This allows the molecules from the oil to evaporate and spread the aroma across the said room. Evaporative diffusers often leads to uneven distribution of the aroma. The lighter particles are diffused earlier than the heavier ones. This will affect the medicinal properties of most of the oils. These diffusers are generally used for small rooms and personal spaces.


  1. It is cost-efficient when compared to nebulizer and ultrasonic diffusers.
  2. It makes less noise.
  3. It is suitable for a small space.


  1. Unequal distribution of the oil components.


Essential oil - Nebulizer diffusersNebulizer Diffusers

 Nebulizer diffusers send powerful aroma from the essential oils into the surrounding atmosphere. Nebulizer uses an atomizer which breaks down the essential oil into smaller atoms, which are then released into the air. This method of diffusion delivers the strongest aroma out of all the diffusers. It also maintains the medicinal properties of these oils. Nebulizer diffusers are easy to use, but they cost higher than other diffusers. These diffusers are also noisier than regular diffusers. You should buy these diffusers if you want to spread the aroma in a larger room and not lose the medicinal properties of these essential oils.


  1. They spread the oil quickly in the air.
  2. Best diffuser, as it does not alter the oils.


  1. They require a larger amount of oils.
  2. They typically make more noise.

Essential oils - ultrasonic diffusersUltrasonic Diffusers

 Ultrasonic diffusers mystify a mixture of oil and water with the help of electronic frequencies. These diffusers also act as humidifiers as they use water as their main base. Ultrasonic Diffusers are not as powerful as the nebulizer diffusers but are cheaper and more durable than them. These diffusers also control the amount of oil put in and its output automatically. Ultrasonic diffusers are the most silent electric diffusers.


  1. Uses less oil as compared to ultrasonic diffusers.
  2. These diffusers can also be used as humidifiers.


  1. It needs cleaning regularly.
  2. It is less powerful as it uses less oil.

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Smell (not always recommended)

Smelling or inhaling essential oils directly is not always recommended. For a strong and volatile nature, smelling or inhaling these oils can cause problems in breathing, throat irritation, headache, and nausea. Diluting an oil with some carrier oils or you can use diluted oils.

Application on Skin 

Application of essential oils on skin

  • Application on skin has to be done skin only when mixed with carrier oils. They have a highly complex chemical composition which cause various reactions on your skin. Whether using for massages, baths or applying topically essential oils has to be diluted with carrier oils. Carrier oils are mostly vegetable or fruit oils that help “carry” the essential oils into the body. These oils help in dilution of the highly volatile essential oils, making them safe for application on the skin.  For example, Coconut oil, almond oil, jojoba oil, olive oil, etc.


  • Using essential oils during massage is a very good way to introduce your body to essential oils. Massages relax your muscles and body, essential oils and their properties provide a boost to this process. Lavender and Tea Tree oil are the most used because of their stress relief and anti-inflammatory properties.


  • Adding a few drops of essential oils to your bath will add a more relaxing feel to it. Hot water baths are generally used for reducing tension and getting rid of the stress from your body. Lavender oil, Ylang Ylang oil, tea tree oil works the best for this.


Precautions to be taken while using essential oils.

Precaution of Essential oils infographic created by Jolly Good Life


Where to buy Essential Oils?

lavender and pine essential oils

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Do Essential oils really work?

Essential oils and their results is a really controversial topic which is being constantly studied on. Majority of the studies state that Essential oils are effective only when they enter your body i.e either through Massages or topical Application. There is no solid proof yet that aromatherapy has the same effect as topical application. A lot of that it is more of your psychological process of believing that it works. Since the research is still going on, we cannot comment on if they work or not. You can try out these oils., We have made a list of the best Oils, Diffusers & Carrier oils just for you.