This article is focused on child development. We will talk about the Top 6 benefits of books in early child development. Here’s a list of the benefits you can read below to know more :

  • Improves concentration & focus.
  • Relaxation technique.
  • It makes you smarter.
  • Family bonding moments.
  • Increases vocabulary.
  • Promotes creativity

What is Child development?

Let’s break this concept down because it’s a huge one and we won’t be able to cover it in this article. Let’s start with development. Any positive change that happens within us, our behavior, our surroundings we call it development. Similarly, the series of positive changes that happen in a child can be called child development. 

In child development, mental or brain development is primary, followed by physical development. Development in a child is fastest during the first 24 months. During this period, parents must support and promote this development. Because everyone desires the best for their kids, and you want them to be the best. 

What are the stages of Intellectual child development?

Jean Piaget has given a division of the intellectual/cognitive development of a person in the 4 following stages.

  • Sensorimotor: Birth through ages 18-24 months. 
  • Pre-operational: Toddlerhood (18-24 months) through early childhood (age 7)
  • Concrete operational: Ages 7 to 12.
  • Formal operational: Adolescence through adulthood.

In this article, we will focus on the sensorimotor stage of cognitive development in children. In the sensorimotor stage, babies learn about their bodies, their senses, and their surrounding environment. They understand how their body functions and how to interact with their surrounding environment. Pediatricians and teachers say that it is during this stage that a baby’s mind develops the most. 

We must expose them too different things & let them interact in their way. Kids learn many things on their own and also by observing the surrounding people. The more we introduce them to different things, the faster they will understand.

How to boost the process of child development?

Thanks to basic biology our bodies will keep on developing no matter what. Our physical appearance also changes with time even if our height remains the same after we hit adulthood. In the same way, a child will develop no matter what. But the extra steps we take towards their development are the ones that make a huge difference. Boosting your child’s development can begin with steps as easy as talking to them constantly. These steps can also be as complicated as providing your baby with a strict nutritional diet. I have listed a few more steps for you to check out before jumping to the topic of this article.

  • Give them body massages.
  • Provide proper nutrition.
  • Play with their hands & legs.
  • Buy toys that allow your baby to interact with them.
  • Be as expressive you can be.
  • Foster Love for Books 
  • Read books from infancy.


Top 6 benefits of Books in child Development.

Now that you know reading books to your kids boosts their development. Let us look at the benefits that books contribute to child development. I mean there is a whole movie just on what reading books to infants does, its called baby’s day out. Watch it if you haven’t already. 

  • Improves Concentration and Focus

Child Development with concentration & focus

It has been time and time again proven that reading books or listening to stories improves concentration and focus. Studies have proved that it is true even with senior citizens. Reading a book cuts out all your distractions as it draws you into the storyline. Exposing infants to books at an early age improves their focus and concentration exponentially. Pediatricians suggested that you only show them picture books and touch & feel books that have vibrant colors and big pictures.

These are the best books you can have: 

Check out our article on must-read books for infants: MUST READ Picture Books for babies before they turn one.

  • Relaxation Technique

Baby Sleeping

Many pediatricians consider books to be therapeutic. In my personal experience, it has turned out to be true. There is nothing like spending your weekend morning with an amazing novel in one hand and coffee in another. Now you might think how is this going to help my kid. Well, unlike us adults, their problems are not getting enough attention, being hungry, the room is too hot/cold or they might have pooped or peed which leads to discomfort. It’s in situations like these, that reading or showing them stories will help in relaxing them. It will divert their focus towards the color pictures you show them or towards your voice if you are reading out the story.


  • Reading Makes you smarter.

Reading storybooks to children at a young age has proven to improve their memory. Since kids who are read to regularly have a better retention capacity, they turn out to be smarter than other kids of their age. 


  • Family Bonding moments.

Family Bonding & Child Development

Reading books with your kids will give you some amazing memories that you can look back on. Imagine you are reading a book to your kids, and they start imitating you. How cool would that be? Reading books together opens up a chance for such moments and many more that you would cherish. 


  • Increases vocabulary

As I have said before, kids will pick up habits & speech from their parents and their family members. By reading storybooks to them, you put them in a pool of vocabulary from which they can learn easily. This is also really helpful for when your family is polylingual. 


  • Promotes creativity

Studies show that kids who have been read to or introduced to storybooks at a young are highly creative. Have you ever found yourself dreaming or thinking about the book that you like? The same thing happens with kids too. They start thinking about the characters of the story in their way. This boosts their thinking and imaginative capacity.