The Chinese giant – Xiaomi launched the 4th generation of their fitness band series last year and it has literally been the talk of every household. Well, it’s not surprising given the amount of features this device offers and the price at which it is available. This device is also one of the accurate fitness trackers that are available in the market right now. But when a device has a lot of features, there are bound to be some unanswered questions. So here are the most common questions about the Mi smart band 4 that we have answered. 

1. What languages does the Mi smart band 4 support?

Yes, the Mi smart Band 4 supports English, along with French, Italian, Portuguese and German. The Chinese (NFC version) only supports Chinese. 

2. Does Mi 4 have a speaker? 

The Mi smart Band 4 has a built-in microphone, which helps you control your device with voice. But there is no speaker. 

3. Does the Mi smart band 4 display the name of the caller?

Yes, the Mi band 4 displays the name of the caller, but you cannot accept the call. All you can do is reject it. 

4. Can the Mi band 4 be used to unlock mobiles?

Yes, the Xiaomi Mi smart band 4 allows you to unlock your mobile device provided it is an Andriod phone ( version 5.0 or above) or An MiUi based phone ( version 4.4 or above).

5. Does the Mi band 4 display the whole message?

Yes, the Mi band 4 will display your message better than the Mi Band 3. But if it’s a really long message some parts of it may not be displayed due to the smaller screen. 

6. Can Mi band 4 track calories? 

Mi band 4 is the best budget smart band in the market right now. It tracks everything from steps, heart rate to your calories burned. 

7. Does Mi band 4 have a voice assistant?

Yes, the Mi Band 4 has a built-in Microphone which helps in voice assistance. This means that you can control your device two ways, one by touch and the other with your voice. 

8. What is NFC in Mi smart band 4? 

NFC is ‘Near Field Communication’. This is a type of wireless technology which lets the user communicate with compatible devices at a short-range. You can see this technology mainly in the touch payment terminals, the newer touch pay cards, etc. The Mi band 4 also uses NFC which allows the user to make payments through the band. It uses AliPay or WechatPay. It also uses this technology to give you notifications through vibrations about calls and messages that you receive on your phone

9. Does Mi band 4 have GPS?

The Xiaomi Mi band 4 does not have a separate GPS module. This means that the band is connected to the world only via Bluetooth. Though you can track your run or walk with your phone’s GPS through the Mi fit app. But the drawback is that you’ll have to carry your phone everywhere. 

10. Does MI band 4 work with iPhone? 

Yes, the Mi band 4 is compatible with both IOS and Android platforms. 

11. Can MI band 4 answer calls? 

The Mi band 4 has an inbuilt microphone which is used to control the device via voice. This means that you can only receive notifications on your smart band but not make or receive calls through this device. 

12. How to change the interface of the Mi smart Band 4?

You can change the interface of the Mi smart Band 4 by 2 methods. You can change it from the band itself or from the Mi fit app via your mobile device. 

To change it from the Mi fit app:

  • First, you’ll need to install another third-party app called the ‘Mi Band 4 Watch Face’. Open the app choose the face you like and hit install. 
  • Then go into the Mi fit app. Click on My Devices. Then select the Mi band 4.
  • Now, go into the watch face settings. Here you will find the watch faces that you have installed. Open the one you like and press sync. 
  • It will take giffy to sync the watch face and voila!! You now have a crazy looking Mi smart band. 

You can also change the watch face from the Mi band itself. You just have to scroll down to more settings and tap on watches. Then choose and sync the one you like. 

13. How tight should the Mi band be?

The strap of the Mi band 4 is quite comfortable. After using it for 3-4 days you literally forget that you have it on your arm. That being said, the tightness actually depends on how comfortable you are with the band. Just make sure it isn’t so loose that it’ll fall off while you exercise or so that you end up getting a rash. 

14. How do I set an alarm on Mi band 4? 

Setting up an alarm on the Mi band 4 is really easy. There are only 5 steps that you have to follow. 

  • Step 1: Open the Mi band app on your IOS or Android device. On the bottom, you’ll have 3 options. Out of these click the Profile Option.

Settings - Mi band 4

  • Step 2: Now you’ll see all your profile details and under the devices section you’ll see the name of your smart band. Tap on the Mi Band 4.

Band settings - Mi smart band 4

  • Step 3:  After that, you’ll see a lot of options like band display, Settings, incoming calls etc. out of these options you have to tap on the alarms option.

  • Step 4: Now it is pretty much like setting up an alarm for your phone. Click the ‘+’ option to add a new alarm and then set the time you want to and hit ‘save’.

And done, you have now set an alarm for your Mi Band 4. 

15. Does Mi band 4 allow you to snooze the alarm?

Yes, the device allows you to snooze the alarm. For snoozing the alarm you just have to touch the “Z” icon on the screen while the alarm is going off. The alarm by default will be snoozed for 10 minutes. 

16. What is the price of Mi band 4?

The Mi Smart Band 4 is available on Amazon for Rs. 2299/-. You can buy it with this link – Mi band 4

17. Is the Xiaomi Mi Band 4 waterproof?

Yes, The Mi Band 4 is resistant up to 50 meters. You can now take your band swimming with you. Another great feature that this band has is that it auto-detects your swim strokes giving you a better tracking for your exercise. Even though the band is waterproof, it is advisable that you remove your band while bathing, as dirt and dust can get accumulated between the capsule and the case and over time it can lead to a lot of problems. 

18. How do I unpair Mi band 4? 

Since Mi band 4 only uses Bluetooth as a means to be connected to your phone, unpairing the device is fairly easy. 

  • Just open the Settings app on your phone.
  • Tap Bluetooth, go into paired devices.
  • Tap the Mi band 4 and just hit unpair. 

Done, it’s that easy. Now you have successfully unpaired your Mi band 4

19. Is Mi Band 4’s Heart Rate tracking accurate?

Heart rate trackers on most of the fitness bands won’t be 100% accurate. Some of these may be very close to the actual heart rate that you’d get from a proper monitor but that’s about it. That being said, the Mi band 4 actually does a great job at tracking your resting and active heart rates. You can consider a 10% differential between your actual heart rate and the metrics from your Mi smart band 4.

20. How to reset Mi Band 4?

After using your device for maybe 8-9 months you’ll feel that it has become a bit slow or does not respond as it use to, or there are some issues with the Bluetooth connectivity. All these issues can be solved by just resetting the smart band. Here’s how you do it:

  • Step 1: Sync your activity data with your Mi account from the Mi fit app. 
  • Step 2: Unpair the band from your phone and swipe up on the screen until you see the more option, tap on it. 
  • Step 3: Now swipe and go into the settings. Then scroll down to find factory reset and tap on it. 
  • Step 4: The final step is to press the checkmark and start the resetting process.

After resetting, the band will take a while to start so be patient and don’t panic. Once you are done, you’ll have to re-pair your band with your phone. And since we have already taken the backup, you’ll see your data as soon as you sync it with the Mi fit app. 

21. Is Mi smart Band 4 touch screen?

The smart Band has a 0.95 inch AMOLED colour display. It is a full touch screen device along with brightness settings so that you can view everything clearly even in harsh Sunlight. 

22. Can Mi Band 4 receive calls? 

No, the Mi band is only capable of giving notifications right now. You can view your messages and calls you receive on the tiny screen. But it’s a bargain that most people are okay with the price at which the Mi band 4 is available. 

23. Does Mi Band 4 require screen protector?

The Mi band 4 does not actually require a screen protector. It actually depends on your use. If you know your use is a bit rough then definitely get a screen guard. But if you feel like you can take care of the device, and scratches don’t really matter to you, then you are definitely better of the guard. 

Here is a great Mi smart band 4 screen guard that you can get on Amazon – 



The Mi smart Band 4 is literally the best fitness tracker you can buy at the price it is available. It all the features that an expensive fitness tracker will have, but it is available at almost 70% of its price. The Mi smart Band 4 is available on Amazon and is priced ar Rs. 2299/- only. You can buy the device here – Mi band 4 

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