What are Washer Dryers?

Washer dryers are a product of absolute genius. This device washes your clothes and dries them in one unit. Washer dryers combine the washing capabilities of a front load washing machine with drying abilities of a condenser dryer.

The washer dryer combo is very useful as the features are very similar to their stand-alone counterparts. These combo machines have a majority of the features of a mid-end or high-end washing machine and a dryer.

Washer dryers are all about convenience. Since they provide both the functions in one machine, they prove to be really convenient. Like, imagine you just add in your load in the morning, and let the machine function. By evening, when you return home from a hard day of work, you don’t have to worry about dirty laundry or Air drying the clothes, it’s already done. As I said before, this is a genius invention.

Now, even though this is a great machine, it falls short in some places. The washer part is top-notch, it does a really good job. But the dryer part, it has some restrictions and it doesn’t really dry off the clothes completely. We’ll talk more about this in the later section, ‘Which dryer is more efficient?’


What are Tumble Dryers?

A tumble dryer is a stand-alone appliance that is only used for drying clothes. These come in various types and sizes, but their only purpose is to dry the clothes. Tumble dryers are better in terms of drying clothes than these washer dryers.

Both take up the same amount of energy and yet the washer dryers take a longer time to dry out the clothes. The average time taken for drying clothes in standalone dryers is about 2hrs or less. But for a washer-dryers, the time taken is mostly upto 6hrs. Yeah, you’d rather air dry your clothes, but we’ll come to this point later.


Which Dryer Uses More Water?

Now, let’s break down the water consumption.

So, a typical front load washing machine takes upto 70liters of water on avg on a full load. This is decent as compared to the top load washing machines, which use almost double this amount of water.

Now, a heat tumble dryer uses zero water. The condenser dryers are the ones that use water. Since there is no accurate data but only an estimate of about 50-60liters per drying cycle, we will use the same.

Therefore, when you use two stand-alone machines, you use about 120-130liters of water per wash.

Now, washer dryers use about the same or less water when it comes to the washing part. Washer dryers use condenser dryers as it is more convenient in design. Condenser dryers use hot water to dry out the clothes. This water is also used as the cooling agent in the machine. So overall the washer dryers use a bit more water. 20-30 liters more, to be exact.


Which Dryer is More Efficient?

The answer to this question totally depends on the space you can spare for your laundry. Let us have a look at the details anyway.

Washer dryers

It is an all in one package that gets the majority of the things just right. Since this is a hybrid type device, it lacks some plus points of standalone devices. For example, as I mentioned above, the washer-dryer takes a lot of time to dry the clothes out. In some cases, upto 6 hrs. You’d rather just buy a washing machine air dry your clothes to save yourself that extra money. 

As you might know, you must load the dryer a little bit less than its full capacity. This is done so that the dryer easily dries out all clothes without the risk of damaging them. Since washer-dryers, wash and dry the clothes in the same tub, you have to reduce your washing load too. You cannot add a full washing load and expect the dryer to dry this load in minimal time. A washing load of 1-2kg less than the full capacity is recommended for washer dryers. 

The energy used by the washer dryers is lower than the energy consumption of the two stand-alone appliances combined, based on avg use. But, these devices cost a bit higher than their stand-alone counterparts overall. This means that the buying cost + maintenance cost of Washer dryers is very high as compared to Tumble dryers. 


Tumble Dryers

Now, coming to tumble dryers. Well since these are standalone dryers, tumble dryers are obviously more efficient when compared to washer dryers. We can compare them in terms of water consumption and overall cost to own and run the appliance. 

Inherently, vented Dryers don’t use water, but use hot air to suck up all the moisture from your clothes. Condenser Dryers, on the other hand, use hot water to take out all the moisture from load and reuse this water as a cooling agent for the dryer. When this water gets too hot, it discharges the old water and draws in cold water from the tap. This process is repeated until the clothes are completely dry. That takes up a lot of water when combined with the washing cycle of the washing machine.

The overall cost-wise, Standalone dryers will have a lower running cost in terms of the purchase price and the overall maintenance. These aren’t complex machines, so if there is some problem with a part, you might just have to replace or repair that part and not have the whole machine repaired. 


Dryer Comparison

Washer Dryer VS Tumble Dryer


Now, which one should you buy? The answer is, If you have a smaller space and you aren’t that concerned about the time your clothes take to dry, 100% go for the washer dryers. You can check out these amazing Washer Dryers on Amazon.

Now if you already have a washing machine, then your best bet would be just buying a dryer and not a whole unit that would replace your old machine. Here are some of the best dryers on the market.

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